Review: The Lion King (2019)

Review by Patrick G. When Disney started making live action movies of much loved classics it was only a matter of time before The Lion King got the live action treatment. Having directed the 2016 live action remake of the Jungle Book, Jon Favreau ups the ante even further by taking the helm of a live action movie which features no human characters at all. The Lion King also comes with the extra difficulty of being one of the most popular Disney movies of all time with the 1994 original grossing over $900 million at the global box office. You would think that most directors would tremble at such a challenge but Favreau delivers a gorgeous movie with breathtaking cinematography. The live action setting grounds the story deeply in our world (more on that later) showcasing the stunning beauty ...

Review: Jungle Book Jive – “We found our way” to a world-class show

June 30th was the official debut of The Lion King and Jungle Festival. As the name indicates, two somewhat loosely related but ultimately distinct properties are at play for this new summer season: The Lion King (Africa) and The Jungle Book (Asia). The Jungle Book Jive is a brand new production on Central Plaza featuring Disney Friends, Dancers, Singers and Drummers inspired by The Jungle Book. Here’s our review – with some spoilers! Story In The Jungle Book Jive, Mickey and some of his Friends (Minnie, Donald, Daisy – sorry Pluto, no doggies allowed in the Jungle) set off on an adventure in the world of the Jungle Book (India/Asia). On board 4 new vehicles, they leave Town Square to look for Goofy, Chip, Dale and Clarice in the Central Plaza Jungle (guess they got their holida...

Rhythms of the Pride Lands: Interview with Christophe Leclercq, Show Director

As we approach the start of the « Lion King and Jungle Festival » Season, the Insidears team have sat down with  to discuss the season and the new show « Rhythms of the Pride Lands » that will be performed at the brand new Frontierland Theater starting June 30, 2019. Here is the interview! When did you start working on this project?  The decision to launch the production of a brand-new show around the Lion King dates back to November 2016. From there, everything was set up very quickly and I was appointed to stage this new production. How did you develop the concept of the show?  The first instructions I was given were to do something completely different from The Legend of the Lion King which played at Videopolis between 2004 and 2009, as well as the Festival of the Lion King, Disney&rsqu...

EXCLUSIVE: Enchanted Force, New Powers: First Plot Details Officially Revealed for Frozen 2 [SPOILERS]

This year’s Annecy Animation Festival was the occasion for Walt Disney Animation to present to a limited audience several precious minutes of the highly anticipated animation movie, Frozen 2. Here is what we learned about the general plot, we must warn you about some spoilers about the main aspects of the story. Frozen 2 Starts with a flashback retelling the story of Anna and Elsa’s childhood with their parents. A peaceful life disturbed by a painful experience: their father, at the time Prince Agnarr, had to face an enchanted force in the forest, a force with mysterious and inexplicable powers that  traumatized him forever.   The time is now. Three years have passed since the Frozen events, Arendelle has found harmony and Anna and Elsa seem to be having a lovely time. In ...

Review: Magical Pride

Saturday June 1, 2019 saw the first official Magical Pride party at Walt Disney Studios Park, celebrating diversity and inclusion. While many LGBT private events have taken place at Disney Parks around the world including Disneyland Paris, this is the first time that one of these events is organized by Disney itself and appears on the Resort’s official calendar. As such, it’s important to highlight and praise the determination of our Resort in taking that important step. On to the party ! Magical Pride Diversity March One of the major highlight of the night. Despite its rather simple setup (performers on foot, “Stars and Cars” cars, the infamous “Spring Train” and Jake’s Pirate Ship), the March shined for its enthusiastic and heart felt energy: more than 400 Cast Members, special Guests (B...

Interview with Disneyland Paris Lighting Designer Tim Lutkin

The Disneyland Paris Insidears team met up with award winning lighting designer Tim Lutkin. Here is their interview! Having worked on both Mickey and the Magician and Marvel Super Heroes United, Tim Lutkin is in charge of creating immersive lightshows to offer unique experiences to Disneyland Paris guests. As the Season of Marvel Super Heroes is in full swing, InsidEars has recently sat down with Tim to better understand this exciting job. How and why did you become a lighting designer? How did you get that passion? From a very young age my mother told me that whenever she took me to the theatre I used to stare at the lighting rig instead of the stage. From as young as I can remember I was obsessed with lighting and I loved going to the theatre. I designed the lighting for my school produc...

Phantom Manor : Thunder Mesa Daily Messenger

Thunder Mesa Daily Messenger Découvrez la une du Thunder Mesa Daily Messenger distribuée lors de la soirée de Phantom Manor. Pour télécharger ce numéro spécial, c’es ICI

Opinion: Phantom Manor 2019, 5 Pros and Cons

Well, here we are, folks. Phantom Manor is back open (in AP Previews this week) and many Guests have already had the chance to experience the “re-imagined” attraction, including our team. Phantom Manor is a beloved attraction with an opinionated fan base, and so it is normal that people will have a different take on the changes that were made. In order to give you an overview of what has been done and what Guests reactions have been, we’ve collected a number of opinions within our team and other Guests and here are the 10 most recurring points, presented to you pro/con style. (You can watch our full POV video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRFTUl6txoQ) Warning: contains spoilers! PROS Vincent Price’s narration What a treat! The restored voice over takes the story to a whole new leve...

Jungle Book Jive: the sleeper hit of the summer ?

As the “Lion King and Jungle Festival” marketing machine booted up back in September last year, and more recently with TV ads, billboards and other teasers, everyone’s focus has generally been on the new Lion King stage production coming to the Frontierland Theater (if it’s ready). But a key element of the season seems stay in the background, possibly due to the lack of details or promotion, and it might very well steal the entire spotlight: The Jungle Book Jive. Let’s look at the show you may very well be obsessed with all summer, based on what we know so far: It’s a Parade “Musical production” is the term used by Disney, but don’t get it twisted: it’s a full blown mini parade. With no less than 9 brand new floats (albeit not of a size of a daytime parade), the show will cover a lot of te...

[CONCOURS] Event Phantom Manor – 30 Avril

Vous n’avez pas encore votre précieux sésame pour l’événement du 30 avril à l’occasion de la réouverture de Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris nous offre la possibilité de vous inviter. Qui remportera deux places ? Pour ce faire, rien de plus simple : 1.  Partager la publication en mode public sur Facebook. 2.  Liker la publication. 3. Taguer, en commentaires, vos amis…. ED92

After Hours Photo Tour: Backlot & Armageddon, the end of an era.

If 2019 will not be the year of Attractions opening, it certainly will be the year of Attractions closures. April 1 marked the first wave of closure leading to the transformation of the Backlot into « Marvel Land » (name tba) when « Armageddon: Les Effets Speciaux » closed. Rock n’ Roller Coaster will come next in September, taking with it the Backlot as a whole. Disneyland Paris invited us to come back after Park closure to take a look at all the details of the Armageddon show building and the Backlot area before the Marvel asteroid hits..

Review: Pirates & Princesses AP Night

To round out the Festival of Pirates & Princesses season (hopefully just until next year!) Disneyland Paris held it’s first Soirée Exclusive Pass Annuels of 2019: The Pirates & Princesses party! If you weren’t able to make it to this sparkly, swashbuckling occasion, then let me make you feel a bit better upfront by telling you that this was the best AP night yet! Sorry, not sorry. ? So, if you’ve chosen your side and you’re ready to dance, read on! Streetmosphere Upon entering Disneyland Park, guests were greeted by a motley crew of pirates and some princess attendants urging guests to choose their side. On the balcony of Main Street station, Silver Ocean and Violette Rose cheered at guests who joined their respective teams. While this was a nice touch, Silv...

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