Jungle Book Jive: the sleeper hit of the summer ?

As the “Lion King and Jungle Festival” marketing machine booted up back in September last year, and more recently with TV ads, billboards and other teasers, everyone’s focus has generally been on the new Lion King stage production coming to the Frontierland Theater (if it’s ready). But a key element of the season seems stay in the background, possibly due to the lack of details or promotion, and it might very well steal the entire spotlight: The Jungle Book Jive. Let’s look at the show you may very well be obsessed with all summer, based on what we know so far: It’s a Parade “Musical production” is the term used by Disney, but don’t get it twisted: it’s a full blown mini parade. With no less than 9 brand new floats (albeit not of a size of a daytime parade), the show will cover a lot of te...

[CONCOURS] Event Phantom Manor – 30 Avril

Vous n’avez pas encore votre précieux sésame pour l’événement du 30 avril à l’occasion de la réouverture de Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris nous offre la possibilité de vous inviter. Qui remportera deux places ? Pour ce faire, rien de plus simple : 1.  Partager la publication en mode public sur Facebook. 2.  Liker la publication. 3. Taguer, en commentaires, vos amis…. ED92

After Hours Photo Tour: Backlot & Armageddon, the end of an era.

If 2019 will not be the year of Attractions opening, it certainly will be the year of Attractions closures. April 1 marked the first wave of closure leading to the transformation of the Backlot into « Marvel Land » (name tba) when « Armageddon: Les Effets Speciaux » closed. Rock n’ Roller Coaster will come next in September, taking with it the Backlot as a whole. Disneyland Paris invited us to come back after Park closure to take a look at all the details of the Armageddon show building and the Backlot area before the Marvel asteroid hits..

Review: Pirates & Princesses AP Night

To round out the Festival of Pirates & Princesses season (hopefully just until next year!) Disneyland Paris held it’s first Soirée Exclusive Pass Annuels of 2019: The Pirates & Princesses party! If you weren’t able to make it to this sparkly, swashbuckling occasion, then let me make you feel a bit better upfront by telling you that this was the best AP night yet! Sorry, not sorry. ? So, if you’ve chosen your side and you’re ready to dance, read on! Streetmosphere Upon entering Disneyland Park, guests were greeted by a motley crew of pirates and some princess attendants urging guests to choose their side. On the balcony of Main Street station, Silver Ocean and Violette Rose cheered at guests who joined their respective teams. While this was a nice touch, Silv...

Review: Marvel Season 2019

Just 6 months after the last round of “heroic encounters”, the Marvel Super Heroes are back at Walt Disney Studios Park, this time in the Spring. After rather mixed reviews of the first edition, we were eager to see how the offering has progressed, and if the entertainment teams were able to learn from the feedback. The quick answer is yes, for the most part, so let’s take a look at the various features of Marvel Season 2019. [This article contains a few minor spoilers.] Marvel: Super Heroes United While ambitious, “United” disappointed last season with a confusing story line and constant technical difficulties. This year, the show is back with the same overall storyline – which is still not ground-breaking but does the job at featuring all the Heroes in an introductory way. A few ad...

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Photo Tour: Disneyland Paris After Hours – February 2019

The day of operations has ended, Guests have gone home… we’ve all wondered « what if » we could stay and walk around Disneyland Park after the doors have closed. On February 8, we were invited by Disneyland Paris to do just that. In honor of the Pirates and Princesses Festival Season, our tour focused on Adventuerland and Fantasyland.. and we even ran into a famous Pirate and a famous Princess along the way! Enjoy these photos of Disneyland Paris after hours for February 2019!

Pirates & Princesses: Make Your Choice Lyrics

While being a Princess or a Pirate is fun, there’s something to be said for dancing and rapping for your chosen team! Three to four times a day throughout the season, Central Plaza becomes a bustling hub of dancing, rapping, and a bit of jovial banter, as Team Pirates and Team Princesses take to the stage to showcase their inner power. We’re sure you know the dance by now, but get ready to take your performance to the next level with the lyrics of the Make Your Choice battle! Pirates & Princesses: Make Your Choice! Composed by Scott Erikkson   INTRO Minnie: Yo-ho la Team Princess! Mickey: Heigh-ho la Team Pirate! (Jimmy & Betty Ad-Lib, can vary by day) Betty: Come on let’s all free our inner power!   BRIDGE Find your inner power! Find your inner power! Find yo...

Review: New Disney Princesses Breakfast at Auberge de Cendrillon

With the popularity of character dining, Disney Princesses, and the Disney Princesses Character Lunch at Auberge de Cendrillon, it’s almost mind boggling that no one had thought of launching a Disney Princesses Breakfast in 26 years! Fairy Godmother wiggled her wand and voila – Disney Princesses Breakfast is now a thing at Auberge de Cendrillon, for now as a test during the Pirates and Princesses Festival (until April 1, 2019). We set our alarms and hurried down to Sleeping Beauty Castle on opening day, to find out if the Princesses really « woke up like this ». Booking, prices and access: Like a few other Character Dining experience, Disney Hotels and Partner Hotels Guests have a preferred booking window (when booking direct), in the sense that they can book this meal at the t...

Pirates & Princesses Parade Lyrics

The Festival of Pirates & Princesses is in full swing (despite the best efforts of the weather to put a dampener on proceedings) until mid-March. If you’re going to be channeling your inner Princess or Pirate power, then make sure your singing is on key with these lyrics. These lyrics are for the parade theme that plays as the floats approach Central Plaza. If you’re looking to spit fire like Betty Rose or Jimmy Ocean, then fear not, we’ll have another lyric sheet in the coming days with the lyrics to their individual raps, as well as the Make Your Choice battle – it’s going to be so much fun! Being a Princess or a Pirate is Fun! Composed by Scott Erikkson   Intro Pirates! Princesses! Chorus I am a Princess! I am a Pirate! There’s no denyin&rsqu...

Peek into the future of Disney’s Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel

Disney’s Hotel New York is a staple of Lake Disney (then Lake Buena Vista) since Disneyland Paris (then Euro Disney) opened in 1992. Designed by post modern architect Michael Graves, the hotel was to represent an idealized (albeit 90’s version) of New York City, in an early 20th art deco style. As the Resort grew older, so did its hotel, and Disneyland Paris started a long term program of renovations and light IP infusions (guess they were too « nondescript »?). That’s exactly what is happening here at Disney’s Hotel New York. While headlines were quick to annonce a ‘Marvel Hotel », the property will in fact be renovated to more modern standards and add accents from the « Art of Marvel ». Far from creating a place where super-heroes live (you were all thinking...