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[DISNEYLAND PARIS] Johnny Depp Gets Sneak-Peek at New Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction

  Exclusive: Johnny Depp Gets Sneak-Peek at New Pirates of the   Caribbean Attraction   – Attraction Reopening 24 July –   When the Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge film team made a surprise visit to Disneyland Paris, Johnny Depp was the first to check out one of the new scenes in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction that will reopen on 24 July.     For Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary, the attraction is being overhauled and will be filled with new surprises. Want to catch a glimpse of the most sought-after pirate on the seven seas? You’re in luck because Jack Sparrow will be joining the adventure—you’ll find him in two scenes at Adventureland unforgettable attraction. Johnny Depp explored these new scenes in the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean attraction himself whe...

Opa The Walt Disney Company – Repurchase of Disneyland Paris

    Follow daily the repurchase of Disneyland Paris by The Walt Disney Company        

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

    They are back and oh did I miss this bunch of a-holes ! Okay so all the new stuff is gone and we knew it was going to be hard to beat the first one as this one stands lonely at the top of the marvel cinematic universe. But this movie comes without doubt on the second place of this ranking…and let’s be honest that means a lot. James Gunn, the director of the movie showed once again that he masters this genre and I would even put him at the same level as Quinten Tarantino…of Marvel. From the intro where the focus is on the dancing baby Groot with all the action going on in the background, for the tons of laughter and the courage to draw the emotional card. Let’s be honest Gunn did once again an amazing job. Without going to deep in the plot, because I don’t ...

Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary: An audience with Disney Legend Tony Baxter

The 25th Anniversary of the Park was also the occasion for the press and fan relations team to invite some of the original designers of the Park. We had the privilege to attend a meeting with Disney Legend Tony Baxter, who worked on such staple attractions as the original Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Star Tours and Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland. Baxter also supervised the creative development of Disneyland Paris.     Baxter moved on from his previous role as senior vice president of creative development for Walt Disney Imagineering and creative executive for the Disneyland Resort in California to become Creative advisor to Walt Disney Imagineering.   We met Baxter at Toad Hall in Fantasyland, Disneyland Paris. Below, you can listen to the recording of our e...

ED92 Practically Perfect Guide In Every way: Les meilleurs moyens de se rendre à Disneyland Paris

  De nos jour il n’a jamais été aussi simple de se déplacer dans le monde entier grâce notamment à la disponibilité accru des moyens de transports mais aussi plus généralement des tarifs intéressants qui pilulent sur le net. On vous a sélectionné les meilleurs moyens de se rendre à Disneyland Paris en vous faisant économiser de l’argent et du temps. Départ immédiat sur ces différents bon plans !     SE RENDRE EN VOITURE :   Disneyland Paris est implanté à 32 km du centre de Paris, ce qui en fait un accès touristique facile d’accès. Nous avons décidé de répartir cette fiche guide au quatre coins de la France  : Lille, Strasbourg, Marseille et Nantes. Voici ce qu’il faut noter sur votre gps pour accéder directement au parking Disneyland Paris : Rue : Boulevard du Parc...

[DISNEYLAND PARIS] Night in Disneyland Paris

  In immersion in our destination, leave to the meeting those which, each night, work to prepare, maintain and take care on our parks and our Hotels.


  We Are Disneyland, the emission which goes to the meeting of Cast Members de Disneyland Paris, accompanies Christophe, Production manager of the shows of the Season of the Force.

The strategy marketing 25 years of Disneyland Paris

Starry-Eyed   “It’s time to sparkle!” promises the new advertising campaign. Spotlight on the Marketing and Sales teams, who crafted it to make Disneyland Paris guests want to be a part of the 25th Anniversary!   From the marketing strategy, From 26 March, guests and Cast Members will discover all that the 25th Anniversary will have to offer. But the preparations were underway back in 2013 for the Marketing and Sales teams. This celebration is part of a well-thought-out strategy that is founded on two pillars: Consumer centric: put guest experience and expectations at the center of all the efforts. This is a priority for every part of the company, strengthened more so for the 25th Anniversary. Innovation and excellence in service: create the event thanks to new features and an in...

“Rim Lights”: light on a revolution

  At Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI Show Lighting) has teamed up with Facilities and Operations Services (FOS Electricity) to renovate the lighting effects – known as ‘Rim Lights’ – which outline many of our installations.     As night falls over our resort, who has not marvelled at the splendid, luminous display of the Disneyland Hotel – outlined in brilliant traces of light? Or at the alignment of shops along Main Street, U.S.A. or Main Street Station – all fringed in contours of warm, coloured light. For those leaving at the end of a theme park day, it’s a powerful, memory-making impression, and an invitation to come again soon. Invisible by day, when Main Street, U.S.A. reverts to its 19th century, small town America aspect, these lighting installations are now be...

[SEASON OF FORCES] Photo of the team of this season

  Great picture of the Season of the Force team taken during the last rehearsals! They are now ready to unveil it to all guests, starting tomorrow and until March 26.