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Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party
Learn – or learn more about the full schedule of events
for this unforgettable evening!


Today, Themed Packages for the Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party go on sale.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights of this event – sure to be the most FAN-tastic of the
year – which will take place on 2 June. Featuring unique shows and unforgettable encounters with
rare Characters including the introduction of a never-before-seen Disney Character! This is
THE event to celebrate Disney fans while enjoying special access to Walt Disney Studios Park®.

Breathtaking new outfits
Mickey, Minnie, Duffy, ShellieMay, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto will greet fans dressed in the
most extravagant outfits – created especially for Disney FanDaze, the biggest fan event of the year!
These colourful new outfits will add a special twist to some of our most beloved stars. Innovative both
in design and material, they’ll speak to fans’ inner fashionista and quickly become the latest in
Character couture!

A world first appearance from a brand new Disney FanDaze VIP Character!
You all have been waiting for the news! For the first time ever at any Disney Park,
Ortensia, dearest friend of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, will make history by joining the Disney FanDaze
VIP family!

Amazing Disney Character encounters
We recently teased that fans would be able to meet over 50 Disney Characters, some of them for the
first time ever. They range from the well-known – VIPs with brand new costumes – to the most rare,
like Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow and Clara Cluck. Guests will also be able to meet Sulley,
Boo, and for the first time ever at Disneyland Paris George Sanderson and Needleman from
Monsters Inc., Joy and Sadness, Bolt, Duffy and ShellieMay, Kuzco and Kronk, Quasimodo and
Esmeralda, Elena of Avalor, Gauchito, Burrito, and the beautiful Yaya from The Three Caballeros.
The Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party will also feature an exclusive reunion with friends from the
Disney Afternoon. Your pals from Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, TaleSpin and Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue
Rangers will be delighted to pose for a snap with their favourite fans. Characters from Hercules,
Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Treasure Planet, and even some of your Big Hero 6 friends will be all over
the park and excited to meet with you during the Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party.

The Incredibles
This year marks the release of Disney•Pixar’s much-awaited Incredibles 2. On this occasion, our
favourite super heroes Mr. & Mrs. Incredible will meet guests at the Art of Disney Animation during
the Inaugural Party. What’s more, and for the very first time at Disneyland Paris, Frozone will be
there and ready to chill with his fans alongside his Incredible friends.

Heroes and Villains Alley
For the first time ever, witness around 16 Disney Heroes and Villains such as Hercules and Hades,
Li Shang and Shan Yu, facing off in the heart of Walt Disney Studios Park. You better keep your
camera and phone close, because you never know when an amazing photo opportunity will arise.

Dance your Duck Tales Parade
You won’t want to miss the Dance your DuckTales Parade. Featuring all of your favorite ducks,
including Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Launchpad McQuack flying in on their Hot Air
Balloons from Duckburg, while more than 40 performers bring the streets to life! If you’re looking to
make incredible memories, this quacking good time in the street is sure to fit the bill!

NEW! PJ’s DJ Party!
Get your groove on and jam to great Disney musical hits with this exciting Dance Party in Production

Max-Live! Gettin’ Goofy with It
This nighttime spectacular will undoubtedly be the highlight of the party. Don’t miss Max’s big debut
as he shoots for superstardom on the Production Courtyard stage, completely re-themed for this
magnificent concert. Max, in his stunning new outfit, is totally in charge of his own smashing lineup.
He’s got bright lights, awesome music, mega sound, cutting-edge video, a rockin’ dance crew,
and cool friends dropping by! With more than 30 new outfits created especially for this show, Judy
Hopps, Kuzco, and even Stitch will be there to rock your night with Max!

Jumba & Pleakley’s Mission: Stitch!
Speaking of Stitch and only for the Inaugural Party, Disney FanDaze presents Jumba & Pleakley’s
Mission: Stitch! The popular interactive show “Stitch Live!” will be hosted by none other than Jumba
and Pleakley. Our friends from Lilo & Stitch will take over the Space Traffic Control and help Stitch
escape from Captain Gantu. You won’t want to miss this!

NEW! Oh My, Ortensia!
Oswald is coming to Hollywood Boulevard in the Roaring Twenties and introducing his dearest friend,
Ortensia! This is THE big news in town, and they will surely be followed by photographers, reporters
and enthusiastic newsboys!

The Farewell Street Party!
A perfect night deserves a perfect ending. More than 80 Disney Characters from the event will end
the evening on a magical note with a grand parade – a last chance for an unparalleled photo

An atmosphere unlike anything seen before
For one night only, we’re transforming Walt Disney Studios Park into a dazzling Disney FanDaze
universe. At Disney Studio 1 and Place de Rémy, live musicians will fuel the party vibe throughout
the night with Disney songs. And photographers will wander the streets, capturing beautiful images of
the night’s true stars – YOU, our fans.

An evening of exclusive access to attractions
Walt Disney Studios Park will open its gates exclusively for fans during the Disney FanDaze
Inaugural Party. From an epic 13-floor plunge on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to being shrunk
down to the size of a rat in Ratatouille: The Adventure, this is an exclusive evening with a limited
number of tickets that no fan will ever forget.

NEW! Oswald’s Sing-Along Challenge
For one night only, you’ll have the chance to be the brightest star on one of the most famous stages
in Walt Disney Studios® Park: Animagique Theater. Warm up your vocal cords for a magical SingAlong
contest. It’s guaranteed to be a great time, and if you hit the right notes, you could win some
exciting prizes including the chance to rub shoulders with Oswald and Ortensia!

A grand raffle with a fairy tale prize
A raffle ticket is included in your package, and could win you a dream night in the luxurious Sleeping
Beauty Suite at Disneyland® Hotel.

Tasty treats and exclusive souvenirs
Guests will savour unique flavours from original menus created just for Disney FanDaze and served
up at restaurants and gourmet kiosks, while exclusive limited edition merchandise is sure to delight
the most dedicated of Disney collectors.

Show Your Inner Disney!
Every fan has a unique Disney style they can’t wait to show off, and Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party
invites fans to do just that! Disney pins, hats, ears and other accessories will bring the Disney fantasy
to life, inspired by a favourite Character or even an unforgettable Disney attraction. You can
DisneyBound or wear a costume as long as you “show your inner Disney”. Each original and
eccentric look is sure to be one of the evening’s major attractions! (Specific rules apply available on

Walt Disney Imagineering conferences
If you’ve ever dreamt of meeting real life Disney Imagineers, you can enhance your experience by
purchasing a ticket to a conference with the creators behind our iconic lands, attractions and shows.
Special behind-the-scenes opportunities will take place in the Animagique Theater. From a focus on
Disneyland Paris by Portfolio Creative Executive Tom Fitzgerald, to an exclusive peek into the world
of Duffy & Friends by Walt Disney Imagineers Daniel Jue, Ethan Reed, and Charlie Watanabe, these
opportunities should not be missed! (restricted access with dedicated tickets required, not included in
the packages on offer (except the Ultimate FANtasia package) and the individual tickets).
A masterclass with a Disney Legend
Have you ever dreamt of meeting a real Disney animator? Disney Legend and former Disney
animator Andreas Deja, who has created memorable characters such as Scar, Hercules, Gaston and
Jafar, will be on hand to share exclusive insights into the art of Disney animation. You may even
learn how to draw one of his famous characters, directly from the man himself at the Art of Disney
Animation! (free access subject to seat availability).
The Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party is an event that promises to be like no other – a dream come
true for all Disney fans, with surprises at every turn and a succession of unforgettable moments to
enjoy together.
 Themed Package reservations are now exclusively open through our Reservation Center.
 Classic Packages will be released on January 22.
 Individual tickets without packages will be available at a later stage.
For realtime updates, follow @DisneyFanDaze on Twitter and Facebook, and check out for the latest updates and announcements!
Please note that the Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party takes place
at Walt Disney Studios Park, and availability is limited (packages and tickets)
to ensure an exclusive experience.
*Only the following activities will have restricted access, and will require tickets not included in the
packages on offer (except the Ultimate FANtasia package) and the individual tickets:
• Insights with Tom Fitzgerald
• Duffy & Friends with Daniel Jue, Ethan Reed, and Charlie Watanabe
*Participants will have unrestricted access to all other activities listed above.


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