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DISNEYLAND PARIS 25 – First Revelations

DISNEYLAND PARIS 25 – First Revelations



Once upon a time… there was the biggest celebration in Disneyland Paris history.

But almost 9 months ahead of its big launch, a cloak of secrecy is still wrapped around the details of the festivities.

Now it’s time to take a peek at what the Resort’s teams have been working on creating for you. If you prefer to avoid spoilers, this is your last chance to stop reading!



Are you still with us? Well then, let’s walk under the Disneyland Hotel to take a tour of Disneyland Park, ‘Version 25’!



Why complicate things when the old recipes have been successful?

But forget the gold flags and banners. The 25th will be draped in blue and white, reminiscent of the Resort’s 15th Anniversary, and hot on the heels of the acclaimed 60th Anniversary of Disneyland Resort in California.


From Main Street Station to Central Plaza, in Town Square and on Main Street, you won’t be able to miss the classy and colourful decorations that will ornate Main Street U.S.A. for the Celebration.

But it is at night that the true nature of the decorations will be revealed, as Tinkerbell seems quite set on sprinkling a bit of Pixie Dust to make everything …sparkle with light.


How can we not talk about one of the most awaited event of the Celebration?


The new Parade is setting up to be a big refresh. Inspired by the Happiness is Here Parade (Tokyo Disneyland) and Festival of Fantasy (Magic Kingdom), its 8 large floats mean just as many unforgettable memories.

If you enjoy the art direction for the upcoming show Mickey and the Magician, you will love this new super-production, very colourful and with a few, shall we say… steampunk touches.

The show will start with an large articulated ‘telescope’ float before taking us across many Disney classics. From Peter Pan to Finding Dory, Toy Story, The Lion King and Frozen, there will be something for everyone.

But a specific float could be the big star of the show: a certain Dragon that has been delighting the Magic Kingdom guests is expected to be built for the new Parade.

. THE CHAPARRAL THEATER – Forest of Enchantment

It is not a secret that the runaway hit show of the spring season is returning in 2017. This time it should be running until the end of summer.

Among the novelties, the show would be performed by default in two languages.

But the set could be the most notable difference, tweaked to give the show more depth and allow for better viewing points.

For example, the trees that were covering the theatre’s pillars are not expected to return.

4. CASTLE STAGE – A New Show

Now for one of the main surprises of this Celebration: a whole new show on Castle Stage, running throughout the celebration.

With the beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle as a backdrop, it will honor the Disney Princesses in an impressive “royal” setting, and will be taking advantage of the experience gained last year at Halloween and Christmas.


5. CENTRAL PLAZA – Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris

For another key part of the 25th Anniversary, and again brand new, Central Plaza is the host of this big production.

With the help of around 20 Disney Characters (with some of them new to Disneyland Paris), the heart of Disneyland Park will be truly energized several times a day in a big party reminiscent of the Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street Party (Magic Kingdom) and Goofy’s Garden Party (Disneyland Park).

We won’t reveal more details about this show for now, but keep in mind that all eyes will be on the very center of the Plaza for the occasion 😉

6. DISNEY DREAMS! – 25 Years of Dreams

Let’s now talk about the infamous Disneyland Park night-time spectacular introduced for the 20th Anniversary.

The show becomes more magical than ever, starting completely from scratch, to take us on a journey through new dreams, with new effects!

This time around, it’s Mickey who ‘wishes upon a star’ and embarks on an adventure through the biggest Disney Studios productions.

We hope you are already a fan of Ignite the Dream! (Shanghai Disneyland), because Disney Dreams! ‘25’ will be its ‘successor’, with a number of similar scenes such as the explosive Pirates of the Caribbean sequence or the tumultuous Star Wars battle.


7. MAIN STREET STATION – Kiss Goodnight

Did you think Disney Dreams! would be the finale of your day at Disneyland Paris? Think again: a last surprise is expected to be waiting for you on the Main Street Station balcony.

Indeed, Mickey will wave at his guests one last time, to wish them a safe journey home and a good night full of magical dreams.

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