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[DISNEYLAND PARIS] Presentation of the Refurbishment Program by Daniel Delcourt



Report – Presentation of the Programme of Rehabilitation by Daniel Delcourt
Wednesday, September 28, 2016 – GrandCentral Room, New York Hotel



With less than 200 days of so much expected 25th Birthday of Disneyland Paris, a presentation by Number 2 of the company and DGA Operations are inevitably an event which is not missed, more especially as Monsieur Delcourt with the reputation to know to make the show when it holds the microphone and that it did not disappoint us on this point.

But to cut short as much to the most insane hopes, not from announcement thundering in sight, nor from crusty details, that will come in desired times. The hour is with the inventory of fixtures of the situation crossed by a graduated teasing of the surprises to come.

Faithful reader of ED92, we let us not shoe you obviously the affront to reconsider the 2 last years, our media social overflow of photographs, energy of worst of 2014 with best of today.
We satisfy with the facts, Disneyland Paris was a machine extinct, dusty, exhausted by years of carelessness: All the empty scenes, 4 Photograph-Rentals for the 2 Parks, a restoration offer to make howl Gordon Ramsay (or Philippe Etchebest, with you to choose), the list is long.

Today, after an intesive work as as meticulous, the jewel finds its glare.
A team dedicated exclusively to MainStreet makes so that the entry of the most beautiful Magic Kingdom of the world remains in an irreproachable state, from Railroad with Star Turns, each building passes one by one by the Réenchantement box. Still, the list is too long to do it.

Obviously, all is not perfect, of the details remain to be regulated, lighting under the station of Main Street does his, certain mechanisms of the Tree of Robinson are recalcitrant, but all that is feasible could be and be accomplished.
They are not lapses of memory or abandonments, simply of the things which materially could not be made in the tread. One will quote for example Phantom Manor who was programmed for this year right now but of which the restoration and total improvement (interior, outside, new scenes) and recorded for 6 months minimum in 2018!

But Daniel Delcourt is not man to make the things with half, or to be satisfied at a stretch with brush to make pretty, it is a man of ground which it is not rare to cross the morning on the parks spirit to observe attentively what is made and what remains to be made and which especially is not afraid of the extent of the task.
The restoration of Newport Bay Club appeared a logistic nightmare with too many complaints of Guests victims of the noises and olfactive of work. What imports, the New York will thus close completely for 18 months in order to return more sublime to us than ever and Disneyland Hotel will follow it shortly after.

Another rather emblematic example in its way of functioning: the problem of the smokers which causes surging debates systematically.
To declare the parks nonsmokers is a thing, to apply it in is another. A vast program with thus initially of the being set up for 9 months before being able to start to fight suitably: new spaces protected smokers, multiplication of the panels, positioned back of ashtrays so that the recalcitrant smokers can throw their cigarette ends when they are taken “the hand in the bag”,… the smokers remain Guests like the others which also deserve respect and courtesy thus rather than going to confrontation one offers more appreciable conditions to them to benefit from their small sin.

The courtesy precisely, Europe is not the United States, the natural practices of courtesy typical of Disney are very safe natural here.
This is why groups of formation “Courtesy” were set up, but rather than to make great speeches of specialists in the formation, it of Cast Members, are elected Ambassadors of the Courtesy by a committee who undertake to make pass the word to their colleagues.
More than 6000 Cast Members thus already passed in these groups, the whole of staff will be it by April.

One could also speak cleanliness, the toilets for example.
From here a few weeks of small cases connect will make their appearance at the exit of unquestionable toilets in order to allow the Guests to give their appreciation of the level of cleanliness. Too many negative opinions? An employee with cleaning will immediately come to give the things to the characteristic.
But cleanliness does not stop with the toilets, thus they are not mins of 300 new dustbins which will come to settle soon in the parks and thus to reduce the risks of overflowing dustbins.

They are thus tens of points, more or less anecdotic or major which will allow the D-enchantment of Disneyland Paris for really making of 2017 the first page of a new history which is announced more brilliant and glorious that the preceding one.

To finish, how to avoid the 25 years subject?
Confirmation of a very new night fairyhood on arrival of a very new show-wrinkle inside Space Mountain, Mr. Delcourt excels in the art of the teasing.
We will thus wait impatiently to have also further information on the occupation at the year of the scene of the Theatre of the Castle, the new spectacular scenes for Pirates of the Caribbean, the technological opportunities given by the MagicCard news and the free WiFi network in the parks, or of the surprises “to occupy the day” until it books to us.

Thank you with the teams for the Club Shareholders for this presentation and with Mr. Daniel Delcourt who will have shown all his passion for his trade and a great direction of listening by carefully noting all the remarks passed at the time of the session questions and answers.
That the Magic is with you.

— — — — — — — —

For a further information, find our previous articles “Rumours on the 25 years program” and “the season of the Force arrives at Disneyland Paris”




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