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Disneyland Paris Rewind #2 English Edition

Disneyland Paris Rewind #2 English Edition

Disneyland Paris Rewind #2


By Ashleigh L.


Welcome to the second edition of the Disneyland Paris Rewind – your recap of what’s hot (and sometimes not) at Disneyland Paris. Last time around we focused heavily on all things Marvel, but plenty of other magical and wonderful things have been going on at Disneyland Paris this summer. If you’re into food, dancing or even a spot of yoga – read on!






The Festival of Pirates & Princesses Sets Sail to Twirl and Return in Early 2019!



While the return of this colourful season was already announced by Catherine Powell at FanDaze earlier this year, Disneyland Paris have now released an official confirmation. The date, however, may surprise you! Pirates & Princesses will be returning in early 2019, likely immediately following the end Disney’s Enchanted Christmas. Yep, you read that right, a celebration of spring and colour will be happening in the depths of winter!


It’s no secret that Pirates & Princesses is by far my favourite season, so I am overjoyed to have confirmation that it’s returning. While the timing is somewhat questionable, it does mean that Parc Disneyland will have its own entertainment offering for those that aren’t really interested in Season of the Force over in the studios, which I don’t think is a bad thing.


We’ll have to wait and see if guests will be as willing to show their Pirate or Princess Power during the cold months!


Rare Character Meet & Greets Revealed for Disney Loves Jazz


Disney Loves Jazz is one of the seemingly many soirees taking place at the Walt Disney Soirees… I mean Studios… park, this year. Likely inspired by the success of Electroland, the event is clearly trying to attract an audience that Electroland doesn’t. To be honest, Jazz does fit rather well with the classic Hollywood theming of parts of the Studios park, on paper it seems like a better fit than Electroland.


In what is likely an effort to attract more ticket sales, Disneyland Paris have announced some exclusive character Meet & Greets for the soiree. Guests will have the opportunity to meet Edgar Balthazar (of Aristocats fame), The Aristocats themselves, Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, Louis, Mickey, Minnie, Rodger Rabbit and Eddie Valiant! Some of these characters are quite rare, so this will likely put the soiree on the map for character enthusiasts.



Disney Loves Jazz takes place from 8pm to 1am on Saturday, 29th September 2018. Tickets are still available for purchase, with a premium ticket option granting access to an exclusive concert.


Extensive Ratatouille Closure Postponed Until a Later Date



The closure of Ratatouille for an extensive refurbishment later this year, mainly to fix the damaged floors and other fixtures, has now been postponed until a later date. The attraction will now only close from Monday 2nd October to Friday 12th October inclusive – much shorter than the August to December closure that was originally planned. While this is good news for guests visiting during the Autumn/Winter period, the attraction is in visible need of an extensive refurbishment at this point.




France World Cup 2018 Victory Celebration


To celebrate France’s win in the 2018 World Cup, Disneyland Paris put on a special surprise fireworks show after Disney Illuminations on 15th July 2018. Allez les bleus !







Le Rendez-vous Gourmand 2018 – Rendez-vous with Food!


The underrated food festival has made its return to the Walt Disney Studios park. Admittedly, it’s a much more scaled down version of Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival, it’s still a great opportunity to sample some “authentic” (in some cases, less so than others) food from various countries around Europe and maybe indulge in a tipple or three.



New this year is a chalet specialising in Vegan food as well as chalet’s featuring Belgium, Spanish and Italian food. The chalet’s specialising in French food from various regions in France have also returned this year. For the drink lovers out there, there’s a chalet featuring samples of various wines, champagnes, spirits, and beers from around Europe.


Guests can also enjoy musical entertainment provided daily by 3 bands; the Ratatouille Orchestra, Silly Kitchen Orchestra, and Rhytmo Technica.

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand runs until September 30th, 2018. If you’re visiting for Marvel Summer of Super Heroes, or even the Magic Run Weekend, be sure to stop by the chalets. Be warned though, as with all food at Disneyland Paris, it doesn’t run cheap and the portion sizes aren’t really sizeable considering the price tags they come with. It’s still a nice escape from Marvel Summer of Super Heroes if that’s not your jam.


Electroland – An Electrical Good Time


Raving and Disney aren’t really two things most people will associate, but in 2017 Disneyland Paris held the first Electroland in the Walt Disney Studios park. The one-night hard-ticketed event featured Production Courtyard transformed into a rave, with famous DJs performing sets in front of the Tower of Terror. While the event was met with some confusion upon announcement in 2017, it was successful enough to warrant a return in 2018.


This year, Electroland ran over the course of 2-nights (Friday 29th June & Saturday 30th June), with the event mantra seemingly being “go big or go home.” The stage was bigger, the event was bigger and the projections were “bigger.” Some highlights included projections themed around It’s A Small World and Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! Even the acts were bigger, with the likes of Afrojack, Bob Sinclair and Robin Schulz all performing sets.




The event seems to be attracting more and more international with some US park-goers commenting on YouTube videos with comments like “the idea of a rave in Disneyland sounds so random, but after seeing this, I really want to go!”


Electroland will be returning in 2019, but no dates have been announced yet though in a recent press release Disneyland Paris have stated that the event will feature “more music, attractions, fireworks and projections.” Might as well call it go big or go home 2019!


Yoga Day – Not a Stretch Too Far!


Much like raving and Disney, yoga and Disney isn’t an association that immediately springs to mind! However, as part of a wider Disney Parks initiative (likely a result of newly crowned President of Disney Parks, Western Region; Catherine “Synergies” Powell, working Disneyland Paris into the wider Disney Parks strategy), Disneyland Paris celebrated International Yoga Day.


On the morning of June 21st, 2018, Main Street USA and Central Plaza were lined with hundreds of yellow yoga mats as guests were treated to a free yoga session with famous yogi Tara Stiles.


Registration for the event filled in less than 24 hours and over 700 people took part.



Similar events took place at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland – Tokyo Disneyland evidently being too cool for this type of thing!


I really like the diversification of events that Disneyland Paris is trying lately, beyond just pure entertainment and attractions. I doubt this was a one-off, and we’ll likely be seeing a return in 2019.


Ant-Man and the Wasp European Premiere


July 14th didn’t just mark the Bastille Day at Disneyland Paris. Cast & Crew from the newest Marvel flick, Ant-Man and the Wasp, descended upon the Walt Disney Studios Park accompanied by a bevy of press and influencers.


900 lucky audience members got to see the European Premiere of the flick, which has generally received positive critical reviews. The movie is still in general release and can be viewed at most cinemas.



Disappointingly, this premiere wasn’t something regular guests could really get involved in, or even witness. A far cry from last year’s celebration of the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge over in Parc Disneyland.




Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups Re-Opens with a Dazzling New Roof


The refurbishment of Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups has finally been completed, with some much-needed renovation work done on both the roof and the track. A surprise to all was the installation of LED lighting strips on the roof which really catch the eye during dusk and night, adding a new twinkle to the Fantasyland landscape in the evenings.




Casey’s Corner No-Longer Obstructs Main Street USA View


After what feels like #forever, the tarp covering Casey’s Corner during its exterior refurbishment has been removed revealing a freshly painted façade. For photographers looking for that “c’est parfait” Main Street USA shot of the castle, the view is now once-again uninterrupted. Hurrah!



Phatom Manor Comes Out of Hiding, Almost


The wonderfully styled themed tarp covering Phantom Manor during its extensive refurbishment is slowly, but surely, coming down. Don’t get too excited though, the attraction is still not slated to re- open until January 2019. The gradual removal of the tarp and scaffolding just marks the end of refurbishment work on the façade, with much more work still yet to be completed on the exterior courtyard and inside the attraction itself.



Tower of Terror Continues to Cover-up


While Phantom Manor’s scaffolding might be coming down, the scaffolding over at Tower of Terror is still on the rise. The rear-side of the attraction is already completely under wraps, with more and more of the front-side being covered each day. Eventually a themed tarp will cover the scaffolding while much need work is undertaken to restore the façade. The attraction is still planned to remain open during the renovation work.





Until next time


See you real soon! 


That just about wraps up this edition of the Disneyland Paris Rewind! Don’t forget to follow ED92 on Twitter to stay up to date on everything going on in the parks as we report daily, live from the magic! In our next edition, we’ll be looking at the surprise character appearances over the summer, the 25th Anniversary Grand Finale… and more!




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