• 29 mai 2020

Disneyland Paris Rewind #4 – English Edition

It’s November, the clocks have gone back and the nights are dark (and full of terrors… wait, wrong franchise). While the Christmas season is now under way (more on that, soon) the Halloween season at Disneyland Paris this year was a definite treat! If you weren’t able to visit the parks during the season, fear not, as I’ll give you a quick look at all the things you missed. If you’re not fussed about Halloween, our usual Rewind programming will resume in the next edition… no tricks!

Decorations & Theming

Photos provided by Lost in the Magic Photography

Main Street USA

After a no-show in 2017, everything from City Hall to Central Plaza, and along Main Street USA, was decked out in Halloween livery this year. The ghosts of Main Street USA made their return, and harvest garlands ran between the buildings. Not blue and silver 25th anniversary stuff in sight!



The Coco inspired decorations debuted in 2017 made their return to Frontierland, along with more traditional Halloween theming near Phantom Manor.


Castle Courtyard

The eerily dragon shaped thorny vines once again grew over the sword in the stone in Castle Courtyard.

Parades, Shows & Characters

Mickey’s Halloween Celebration

The guest favourite parade made its return, along with the much loved Vive la Vie music. The parade also featured the brand new Illusion Manor float, featuring a costume changing Mickey Mouse as well as the Phantom and Melanie from Phantom Manor, and a whole host of ghoulish dancing zombies. Once the floats reached Central Plaza, the parade stopped for a brand new show stop. Characters such as Mickey Mouse, Melanie, Daisy Duck, Horace and the Phantom took to the Central Plaza stages to dance out to a catchy new number, Great Big Year, in celebration of Mickey’s 90th Birthday. While the dance was far too complicated for guests to join in with, this was made up for by sparklers and ribbons being fired out of the stages during the show.

All in all, this was a fantastic addition to the otherwise tried and tested parade. The only criticism we can really level is that the parade was only run twice a day.

It’s Good to be Bad

After being absent from 2017’s Halloween celebrations, the delightful It’s Good to be Bad with the Disney Villains show returned to Royal Castle Stage. Much like parade, some changes had been made for 2018. Every second performance of the show featured a completely different storyline, featuring the return of the much-loved Maleficent Donald Duck from 2017’s Halloween Tricycle Gang. For the first time, guests also had the opportunity to meet & greet with Maleficent Donald after the show. The other villains we also present for meet & greets after the show as usual, resulting in very big crowds.


Guests visiting during the season had the chance to meet with both Disney Villains and members of the fab five who had dressed up for Halloween. During Extra Magic Time guests could meet with Devil Donald, and then Stitch during regular hours. Goofy created a bon bon machine for the occasion. Captain Hook and Jafar regular met in Adventureland, and Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts and Maleficent waited for guests in Fantasyland, and in Frontierland, Jack Skellington setup home at the new photo location in the freshly re-opened Phantom Manor courtyard. Over in Walt Disney Studios park, guests had the chance to meet Minnie Mouse in her Parisien finery.

Events & Randomness

Disneyland Paris Halloween Soirée

The annual Halloween Soirée was a little light on the exclusive characters front, but made up for it with two shows; Rock On With the Disney Villains, and Big Hero 6 Yokai’s Revenge. These shows were definite highlights of the night. If you want to know more about the Halloween Soirée then check out our full review!

The Pooh Balloon

The unexpected highlight of the Halloween season (for some) was an innocent Pooh Balloon that got stuck in one of the garlands over Main Street USA. For over a week the plucky balloon held on for dear life, earning near-celebrity status on Twitter as a result. But unfortunately spirits, much like the balloon, were left… deflated… by the end of the season. Gone, but not forgotten. A cunning marketing ploy for the release of Christopher Robin in France, or a shocking reflection of maintenance at Disneyland Paris, you decide.

That’s all for this Halloween special of the Rewind. Normal programming will resume from the next episode, no Pooh Balloons in sight! As always, follow us on Twitter for the latest news, photos, videos, and more – live from the magic!

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