• 5 juillet 2020

[Disneyland Paris] Service Awards

For this year’s Service Awards, Disneyland Paris News is giving you the scoop on the programme which honours Disneyland Paris Cast Members. This tradition is a perfect illustration of our corporate culture.


“You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world … But it requires people to make the dream a reality.”  With these words, Walt Disney underlined the important role that Cast Members played in the guest experience at Disneyland in California. He wanted to recognise Cast Members and their hard work with the Service Awards ceremonies.

For the tenth anniversary of Disneyland in California, in 1965, Walt wanted to thank Cast Members who participated in the park’s creation with a huge gala evening organised just for them.


Today, this tradition continues across all divisions of The Walt Disney Company. Tradition states that Cast Members must obtain ten years of loyalty within the company to attend the Service Awards and receive a bronze statue (hand-sculpted!) which represents each step of an employee’s evolution at The Walt Disney Company.


The names of Cast Members that are celebrating their first or fifth year with the company will appear in the Service Awards programme, and will receive a pin to add to their nametag. You may have already noticed these pins during your visits!


The 2017 Service Awards banquet was celebrated last week, to celebrate the women and men that bring the dream of Disneyland Paris alive, day after day. This fun and special evening for Cast Members marking 10, 15, 20, 25 and even 30 years of seniority included a special dinner gala to celebrate these extraordinary careers.


“For me, celebrating the Service Awards is an important moment … it celebrates your commitment … and we gather here today, united by the Disney values we all cherish.” Catherine Powell, Présidente of Euro Disney


This year, 1,116 Cast Members are celebrating 25 years of magic at Disneyland Paris, and 2 special Cast Members are celebrating 30 years!




Toute petite déjà, serrant mon doudou Mickey contre moi, je me passionne pour l'univers Disney que je découvre avec mon père. C'est en octobre 2019 que l'occasion m'est donnée de vivre cette passion au quotidien en intégrant la famille ED92 en tant que rédactrice pour les divers médias sociaux du groupe.

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