• 4 juillet 2020

[DLP25] News costume at Discoveryland

New experiences bring about new emotions, and even new costumes! As the attractions Star Tours : l’Aventure Continue and Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission are launched, the Cast Members working there will be wearing a brand new costume to fit in with the new stories.


As of 26 March, the Cast Members from Star Tours : l’Aventure Continue will welcome our guests in their brand new outfits. Their design is futuristic, modern and yet remains sober. A few weeks later the costume will be introduced at Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission.


Star Tours : l’Aventure Continue


The Creative Costuming teams worked directly with Park Operations, Walt Disney Imagineering in France and in the U.S.A. to design these new costumes, initially requested by the US team. The idea was to find a timeless style on the space theme, while taking into account Cast Member comfort and their expectations regarding ergonomics. As is the case for all projects, and following the feasibility studies, various meetings were set up to reach a consensus between artistic goals and the demands stemming from daily use.



Did you know it took 3 000 meters of material to make the various vests, shirts, pants and Parkas? Not to mention the 18 000 buttons and nearly 1 000 meters of various trimmings!





Toute petite déjà, serrant mon doudou Mickey contre moi, je me passionne pour l'univers Disney que je découvre avec mon père. C'est en octobre 2019 que l'occasion m'est donnée de vivre cette passion au quotidien en intégrant la famille ED92 en tant que rédactrice pour les divers médias sociaux du groupe.

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