• 2 July 2020

A Mickey key ring

Difficulty:  easy

Would you like to accessorise your home or car keys? Why not create a key ring with your favourite Disney mice? 

To create this key ring you will need: 

  • heat shrink plastic sheets;
  • cookie cutters in the shape of Mickey’s head, of various sizes ;
  • permanent marker pens;
  • scissors, hole punch, ruler;
  • a key chain ring or key ring;
  • and possibly extra accessories to customise!

Start by tracing the Mickey and Minnie‘s heads with the cookie cutters on the rougher side of the plastic sheet.

With the ruler, define two sections for colouring and draw the details: buttons for Mickey‘s shorts, bow and polka dots for Minnie

Colour each section with the permanent marker pens. Once finished, delicately cut the plastic sheet (beware that it easily tears).

With the hole punch, make holes that will be used to insert the key chain ring. 

It’s time to cook the heat shrink plastic to make it hard and smaller. 

Place of the plastic pieces between two sheets of baking paper and hold them in place by putting a cake tin on top (this is to avoid that the plastic misshapes during cooking).

Put them in the oven for 3-4 minutes, temperature 150 °C. Wait for the plastic to have completely cooled down before taking it out of the baking paper. 

You now only need to attach the key chain ring and, if you wish, add some accessories! 



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