• 4 July 2020

[APP] Test Disney Magic Kingdoms

Who has never dreamed of owning and managing their own Disney Park ? This is now possible with Disney Magic Kingdoms game available on iOS, Android and Windows. Come help all Disney friends rebuild the park after its demolition and its curse by Maleficent !

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a management game that combines park creation with visitor management. To evolve on the game, you will need several things:

First, you will need visitors: as much as possible. To have more visitors, it will be necessary to increase their happiness and for that, it will be necessary to satisfy their desires: meeting with the characters, attractions and scenery will increase the general happiness in your park.

Second, to develop your park, you will need money. In the game, money has been replaced by magic. Magic is achieved through the park’s attractions and buildings.

All the characters of the Disney universe are present on the game. Each character has a lot of tasks to perform. These tasks allow to collect, on the one hand, magic and, on the other hand, experience to evolve in the game and items to unlock other characters. They are also essential to the happiness of your visitors.

The evolution of the park will depend directly on the time you spend on it: returning often will allow you to increase your total magic to buy other buildings or attractions and will allow you to give «work» to your characters to advance in the various quests.

In conclusion, Disney Magic Kingdoms is a good management game to immerse us in the Disney universe. It is updated very regularly, which makes it possible to have special quests according to Disney’s news. However, it may seem long to evolve in a “free” way. Indeed, it is also possible to advance in the game with real money to buy characters or accelerate quests. Pay attention to these last points if you let your children play alone: the bill could be salty.

thing we likething we like less
Scenery faithful to the Disney universeQuests that leave the player passive
All the characters representedA managerial aspect finally not very advanced
Expensive purchases in the game that can bring bad surprises


A fan of the Disney universe since I was a child, I'm particularly fond of our Disneyland Paris park. As a writer in the Ed92 team, I bring my knowledge about attractions and their design.

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