• 31 May 2020

Arendelle – The Kingdom Of Frozen

Visual Main

Join us at the heart of Arendelle – kingdom of the Frozen queen
which will open its doors within the Walt Disney Studios park in 2023.

Visual Concept1

Disneyland Paris initially unveiled some time ago a first art concept
that showed the whole of the parc extension and the lands that were planned within that extension.

Visual Concept2

A second art concept followed and gave a more precise vision of the Arendelle land.
The land will be located at the back end of the Walt Disney Studios park as highlighted on the map below.

Map Wds2

To make sure you know everything about this new land,
we have put together an interactive map with all the visuals, art concepts, known information
and published plans that we coloured up and detailed for you!

You think you already know everything? Expect to be surprised!