• 5 July 2020


New joiner to the ED92 team I am very excited to be able to contribute to this amazing platform of info about Disneyland Paris. French mum of 2 living in the U.K., I discovered DLP as a child, and I am now rediscovering it through my children’s eyes. We love meeting and interacting with characters just as much as doing rides, and every trip is a new adventure. We are big fans and try to go twice a year. I joined the team because I wanted to share my experience and help overseas visitors make the most of their holiday at DLP and experience the true Disney magic.

Mickey and the Magician

Type of show: illusion, dance and singing Location of the show: Walt Disney Studios, Studio 3 Date of First performance: 2nd July 2016 Capacity: 1,044 people Duration: 30 minutes Good to know… Mickey and the Magician is the first show performed in sign language! Indeed an interpreter stands next to the stage and translates the […]Lire la suite

Eurodisney: Opening party

On a certain Saturday 11th April 1992, at 8:50 pm, on TF1, I was then almost 5 years old in front of the television, my eyes full of stars: “Good evening to all of you! Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Marne-La-Vallée. You’re not dreaming… “It is with these words that our inimitable Jean-Pierre […]Lire la suite

Review: Disney Castle Collection

Someday my castle will come, someday we’ll find our love anew (or not) This year Shop Disney is honouring us with a limited edition about the castles of our favourite cartoons.  Every other month the shop will offer us a new series of products related to a castle. You will be able to find a […]Lire la suite

Tuto: Minnnie ears for Pin Trading

Fans of Pin Trading? My daughter discovered the tradition of Pin Trading on a cruise aboard the Disney Cruise Line. She had never noticed before during our visits to Disneyland Paris that some people wear lanyards around their necks with pins, which can be exchanged. Now there is no stopping her! Whether on a cruise, […]Lire la suite

Customise your shoes with Mickey

When you don’t know what to do but are full of creative ideas, there is one solution… customising. It’s a simple activity which doesn’t require a lot of material. Here is what you will need:A large permanent marker pen, a medium and a small one, and a pair of trainers.   You can do it […]Lire la suite

Space Mountain – The greatest story in the galaxy

Your destination: Infinite spaceYour speed : AstronomicalYour type of encounters: AsteroidsBetween the Earth and the Moon begins… The Adventure! Of Discoveryland It’s the late ’80s. Disneyland Paris, then EuroDisney, is still just a vast expanse of freshly turned over land on the outskirts of Paris. Meanwhile, in California, in Glendale to be precise, some of […]Lire la suite

Make shortbread biscuits from Space

Today we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Space Mountain ride! On this occasion we wanted to concoct little shortbread biscuits with the effigy of one of the most iconic rides of Disneyland Paris!  First of all, to make this FOOLPROOF shortbread recipe, you will need:  125g caster sugar 250g flour 1 egg 125 […]Lire la suite

Tuto: Minnie Mouse nails for beginners

When I go to Disneyland Paris I always like doing my nails with a Disney theme, it just adds to the fun. I don’t always want to go to a salon to have my nails done so I have a few easy designs I can do myself at home and I’d love to share with […]Lire la suite

Phantom Manor

Once upon a time in Frontierland… on the heights of Boot Hill, in the town of Thunder Mesa… Come with us on our ghostly tour… The Phantom Manor attraction opened at the same time as the park in 1992. There are rumors of mischievous spirits manifesting themselves… ” No Omnis Moriar”, this quote on the […]Lire la suite

A Mickey key ring

Would you like to accessorise your home or car keys? Why not create a key ring with your favourite Disney mice?  To create this key ring you will need:  heat shrink plastic sheets; cookie cutters in the shape of Mickey’s head, of various sizes ; permanent marker pens; scissors, hole punch, ruler; a key chain […]Lire la suite

Which measures should be applied in the parks?

Which measures should be applied in the parks? Many of you responded to our previous survey on what measures you would like to see implemented in the parks, and we thank you for that. An analysis of the results can be found here. Once Disneyland Paris reopens, what concrete measures can The Walt Disney Company […]Lire la suite

Ratatouille : The Adventure

The world of the famous little rat This attraction “Ratatouille: The Adventure”, plunges us into the world of the famous little rat Rémy from the film Ratatouille released in 2008. It opened its doors on July 10, 2014, inaugurating with it a new land on the theme of Paris. The attraction is suitable for young […]Lire la suite

Introduction to scrapbooking: create your souvenir photo album

What is scrapbooking?  As its name may suggest, scrapbooking is a method of preserving, presenting, and arranging personal and family memories (often your most beautiful pictures) in a funny and creative way, in the form of a book (or other support). What about making together a little keepsake to store your precious Disneyland memories?   […]Lire la suite

Making clear Disney face masks

Want to make your own Disney masks but you are in contact with people who usually lip read when you’re talking such as people with hearing difficulties? This tutorial shows you how to make clear Disney face masks yourself, step by step, simply using a printer and fabric like you can have at home as […]Lire la suite

“To be a hero… It’s a work of heart.”

These days, it’s not easy to exercise, especially for your children. Why not combine the magic of Disney with a few daily exercises? Are you up for it? Put on your best gym clothes and roll out your gym mats.  First of all, any effort is more enjoyable with music! It is therefore very important […]Lire la suite

Star Wars shopping

This year, we will all be in confinement for Star Wars day. However this is no reason to not treat all the fans of the saga. One thing is for sure: Star Wars is a franchise that is not poor in merchandise. From simple outfits to underwear, toilet seats and kitchen utensils, you can find […]Lire la suite

How to make your very own Minnie ears headband!

While the Disney parks around the world are closed, why not have a go at making your own ear headband? It can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. You can make ears that require no sewing whatsoever, or you can make a pair that does require sewing. Most people […]Lire la suite