• 29 May 2020

Magic Keepers – Cleanliness and hygiene

Géraldine and her fellow Cast Members continue to ensure impeccable cleanliness and hygienic conditions for Magic Keepers still working at Disneyland Paris, managing the cleaning services in backstage areas. This is just one of the many responsibilities she and her team have in addition to regular park visits so the resort stays spotless for when […]Lire la suite

Reopen Disneyland Paris, but how?

Re-open Disney parks. Everyone is dreaming about it. But the big question is how? Under which conditions? Which precautions could be put in place? In a recent article, Theme Park Insider tells us that Universal’s theme parks had the idea of asking their fans about possible changes in the parks’ operating procedures once they reopen. […]Lire la suite

Dapper Day, it’s today!

How to dress for Dapper Day? Twice a year is Dapper Day, that you could explain as the day of elegance. But what is Dapper Day? Where does it come from? And how to take part? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it!  What is Dapper Day? It is an event which happens twice […]Lire la suite

Test | Matthew Morrison Disney Dreamin’, Making Singalong Memories

The Matthew Morrison Disney Dreamin’ album is a collection of Disney cover versions, all dedicated to his son. He’s best known as Glee’s Will Schuester so this performer is no stranger to cover versions, but what’s the final result like? And is it good enough for a die-hard Disney fan? Listen to Disney Dreamin’ songs […]Lire la suite

DIY | Tuto : How to prepare a Mickey cake

For all of you who love to cook and eat, here is a chocolate cake recipe, but shaped like the most famous mouse! Enjoy your cake! To make this cake in the shape of Mickey, here are the ustensils you’ll need: 1 baking tin, 20 cm in diameter 1 baking tin, 10 cm in diameter […]Lire la suite

(NEWS) Disneyland Paris offers us some stay at home reading material..

Looking for a little new Disney reading for the next few days? Disneyland Paris offers a digital version of “Disneyland Paris Celebrates its Heritage and Crafts “*. Literature, architecture, music, arts and food. This reading is full of references and nods to French culture, and more broadly European culture, and it is from this original […]Lire la suite

Our test: Vegetarian food at Disneyland Paris

Across its two parks and its shopping and dining hub, Disneyland Paris offers a wide range of foods with the aim of there being something for everyone. On my last trip I was lucky enough to travel with a friend who is a vegetarian, which gave me an excellent insight as to the quality and […]Lire la suite

DIY – Magic At Home : learn how to draw Mickey Mouse

You want to learn how to draw your favourite mouse like a pro ? Disney gives us the opportunity to draw 3 different perfect Mickey Mouse (an old-school Mickey from the 1920s, a contemporary and a whimsical version) using video tutorials. Disney cast member Stephen Ketchum has been drawing Mickey at Disney Parks for years […]Lire la suite

Covid-19 : Gameloft Offers Free Bonus Content in it’s Games

Gameloft is going to offer free content in its games so that players can have fun and keep in touch with friends while staying at home. Over 35 Gameloft games, including Asphalt 9: Legends, Overdrive City, LEGO®Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Disney Getaway Blast, Disney Magic Kingdoms, SongPop 2 and Dragon Mania Legends will receive free content […]Lire la suite

Our Test | Are other Disney Parks in the world doing it better ?

I recently had the opportunity to visit Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida, and of course, when you’re used to walking the alleys of Disneyland Paris, you can’t help but “compare”: it’s much better at home, it’s much better there… But what about it? Ready for a little visit? First we set […]Lire la suite

Enjoy a One-of-a-Kind Learning Experience from Disney Imagineers

Walt Disney Imagineers are inspiring creativity, curiosity, and innovation with “Imagineering in a Box.” This one-of-a-kind learning experience gives families a chance to dream, create, and build…right from home. “Imagineering in a Box” is a series of interactive lessons in theme park design and engineering, designed to give a behind-the-scenes peek into Imagineering’s development process. […]Lire la suite

(Flashnews) Disneyland Paris redistributes 15 tonnes of food to solidarity associations

In its perpetual spirit of solidarity and during temporary closures, Disneyland Paris has donated 15 tons of excess food inventory to local and national associations like Secours Populaire Français and Restaurants du Cœur, as local communities are more in need than ever during this unprecedented time. This large-scale donation operation was accomplished thanks to Disneyland […]Lire la suite

Disney Lifestyle « DIY » : make a 100% Disney decoration

Going to Disneyland Paris is always magical, but bringing some of that magic home to enjoy every day is even better! For years now, every time I visit the park, I’ve brought home a figurine, a little statuette, a Christmas decoration, you know, all those little things that you find so cute in the shop, […]Lire la suite

[UPDATE] Covid-19 : Disneyland Paris closes from Saturday

Dlp closes from Saturday Following the latest measures announced by the French authorities, the temporary closure of Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios will be effective from Saturday 14 March morning until the end of the month. Disney Hotels and the shops and restaurants in Disney Village will remain open until further notice. If you have […]Lire la suite

[UPDATE] Covid-19: what’s the latest at Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris Closed from Sunday   The news came in the middle of the night: Disneyland Paris has announced the closure of its two theme parks from the evening of Sunday 15 March 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) currently raging in Europe and around the world. The Hotels and Disney Village will remain […]Lire la suite

We put the new movie ‘Onward’ to the test

Released in theatres on Wednesday, March 4, 2020, Pixar’s latest creation, “Onward”, offers us a title full of promise. From the very first seconds of the film, we understand that we will be projected into a universe where fantastic creatures will play a leading role. We enter the family life of Ian’s family, a young […]Lire la suite

Covid-19 | New security measures at Disneyland Paris

Following the first case of coronavirus diagnosed in a night technician from the maintenance team of the Disneyland Paris park, and in view of the increasing number of infected people, some new measures will be taken tomorrow to ensure the safety of visitors: Concerning the attractions: The single rider lines are temporarily removed.The air conditioning […]Lire la suite

How and where can I meet Characters at Disneyland Paris?

How and Where can I meet Characters at DLP? Meeting characters is an intrinsic part of the Disneyland Paris experience for children and adults alike. But many first timers wonder what is the best way to meet characters and who they could meet. There are many options throughout the parks and the Disneyland Paris estate. […]Lire la suite