• 4 July 2020


I’m Jane, a Fantasyland girl whose favourite park music is Grim Grinning Ghosts - because even the spooky things are delightful in Disneyland Paris. I want to help other fans find that Disney sparkle through ED92!

Disney Plus: Be Our Chef

Have you seen Disney+ original series Be Our Chef? In the new family cooking competition, contestants from across the US meet their favourite Disney character in Disney World, Florida, and cook for them! The Disney+ reality show is perfect for anyone who’s dreamed of dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table (of course, DLP’s very own L’Auberge […]Lire la suite

The Tale of DLP’s Forgotten Ride Les Pirouettes du Vieux Moulin

Did you ever look across the park’s rooftops from the forgotten ride Les Pirouettes du Vieux Moulin? It’s a lost Disneyland Paris attraction that’s hiding in plain sight. And since it stopped turning almost 20 years ago, it’s turned into a way more popular destination. You can usually find a mystery princess or two holding […]Lire la suite

Mickey head shaped brioches

To make these brioche buns in the shape of Mickey’s head, you’ll need..: 200 ml milk 2 eggs + 1 more for the glaze 1 tsp of salt 80 g sugar 500 g flour 20 g of fresh yeast or 8 g of dry baker’s yeast 80 g butter Start by beating the two eggs […]Lire la suite

Make You Own Disney DIY Candle Holder

Make this Disney DIY candle holder project with just 4 things! Use a Disney colouring page in a totally new way to bring your own tiny Illuminations to life, or follow your own inspiration… How to Make Your Own Disney Lantern Here’s what you need: Permanent marker like a Sharpie An empty glass jar An […]Lire la suite

Disney Movies Based on Rides: And More Besides

Try these Disney movies based on rides at Disneyland Paris and recreate those happy moments, even while the park gates are closed. You’ve probably seen the movie your favourite ride was based on, so look out for classic Disney movies that share the same theme! Phantom Manor The Haunted Mansion movie is based on the […]Lire la suite

Who’s Mary Blair : The Artist at Fantasyland’s Heart?

It’s easy to take Fantasyland’s magical, colourful style for granted but a lot of the inspiration comes from one artist. Disneyland Paris owes a lot to Disney concept artist Mary Blair – with a few changes to give the park its unique look.  She influenced the design of Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Mr Toad, Peter […]Lire la suite

Disney Lifestyle : discovering papercrafts

We’re confined to the house for a little while… We might be deprived of our favourite Park but there’s nothing to stop us, with very little equipment, from bringing a little Disney magic to life at home! Today let’s dive into the world of papercrafts. It’s a fun activity for young and old alike! But […]Lire la suite