• 8 July 2020
Leslie 🇲🇨

Leslie 🇲🇨

Leslie and Disney... since the opening of the Park in 1992, a real love at first sight with the park, and the Disney universe... Big fan of VHSs, I can see myself in front of the credits with my eyes full of stars. A magic that has crossed the different periods of my life. Today, Disney is a real bubble of magic for me, and more than ever, we need to dream and some fairy dust. Since I joined the team in early 2020, I'll have at heart to share this great love story, surely the most beautiful of my life!

Eurodisney: Opening party

On a certain Saturday 11th April 1992, at 8:50 pm, on TF1, I was then almost 5 years old in front of the television, my eyes full of stars: “Good evening to all of you! Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Marne-La-Vallée. You’re not dreaming… “It is with these words that our inimitable Jean-Pierre […]Lire la suite

Phantom Manor

Once upon a time in Frontierland… on the heights of Boot Hill, in the town of Thunder Mesa… Come with us on our ghostly tour… The Phantom Manor attraction opened at the same time as the park in 1992. There are rumors of mischievous spirits manifesting themselves… ” No Omnis Moriar”, this quote on the […]Lire la suite

Star Wars: May the force be with you

From January 11 to March 15, 2020, Disneyland Paris programmed a season of “Legends of the Force – A Star Wars Celebration”. The season was interrupted prematurely due to the health crisis we are going through. This season is a winter classic at Walt Disney Studios Park since 2017, but let’s highlight the new features, […]Lire la suite