• 2 June 2020

[UPDATE] Covid-19 : Disneyland Paris closes from Saturday

Dlp closes from Saturday

Following the latest measures announced by the French authorities, the temporary closure of Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios will be effective from Saturday 14 March morning until the end of the month. Disney Hotels and the shops and restaurants in Disney Village will remain open until further notice. If you have booked a stay in a Disney Hotel for arrival until June 1st, 2020, you have until April 15th, 2020 to postpone or cancel it without charge. If you wish to postpone your stay for an arrival date before 15 October 2020, we offer you the possibility to book at the same price (excluding transport).


Due to too many calls, Disneyland Paris asks not to attempt to contact the resort until next week.

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The news came in the middle of the night: Disneyland Paris has announced the closure of its two theme parks from the evening of Sunday 15 March 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) currently raging in Europe and around the world. The Hotels and Disney Village will remain open during this period.

If you have any questions regarding your stay, we invite you to contact your travel agency or Disneyland Paris.

Here are the possible ways to contact Disneyland Paris for any request to delay, cancel or refund:

On Twitter: @DLPHelp

On Facebook: Disneyland Paris and the Annual Pass groups (French and English)

On the Disneyland Paris website: Dream Team or via the contact us form

By email: dlp.communication.visiteurs@disneylandparis.com

By phone: +33 825 300 500 (for the booking line), +33 1 60 30 60 69 (for annual pass holders), +33 1 60 30 60 84 (for Infinity pass holders)

Disneyland Paris ferme

All the Disney Parks in the world will therefore be closed at the same time, for the first time in history.

If you had planned a trip including a visit to American parks or a cruise with the Disney Cruise Line, we invite you to contact the Disney resorts or your travel agency to see with them the possible refund / cancellation conditions.

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