• 2 June 2020

[UPDATE] Covid-19: what’s the latest at Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris Closed from Sunday


The news came in the middle of the night: Disneyland Paris has announced the closure of its two theme parks from the evening of Sunday 15 March 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) currently raging in Europe and around the world. The Hotels and Disney Village will remain open during this period.

If you have any questions regarding your stay, we invite you to contact your travel agency or Disneyland Paris.

Here are the possible ways to contact Disneyland Paris for any request to delay, cancel or refund:

On Twitter: @DLPHelp

On Facebook: Disneyland Paris and the Annual Pass groups (French and English)

On the Disneyland Paris website: Dream Team or via the contact us form

By email: dlp.communication.visiteurs@disneylandparis.com

By phone: +33 825 300 500 (for the booking line), +33 1 60 30 60 69 (for annual pass holders), +33 1 60 30 60 84 (for Infinity pass holders)


All the Disney Parks in the world will therefore be closed at the same time, for the first time in history.


To try and stop the spreading of the coronavirus, here is a summary of the measures put in place by Disneyland Paris to ensure the safety of its visitors. These measures are currently applicable until April 15th.

New signs have been added at the entrances to the various shops in the parks. They remind people of preventive actions.

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Disneyland Paris modifies its reservation and cancellation conditions. Until April 15th, you will be able to cancel or modify your stay in a Hotel du Parc free of charge (if you wish to postpone your arrival date before October 15th, 2020).

Moreover, for any new stay booked before April 15th with an arrival date before October 15th, 2020, a free cancellation will be granted to you!


Disneyland Paris has published a message on its Facebook page for its customers: “Disneyland Paris is open and welcomes all visitors. We are in permanent contact with the French authorities, and in accordance with their instructions, we have temporarily adjusted some of our experiences and operations until April 15, 2020.
In addition, and in order to offer our visitors and consumers a maximum of flexibility, we have temporarily adjusted the conditions for booking and cancelling our tourists’ stays”.


All indoor spaces will have limited capacity with regulated entries and exits. Are concerned:

  • All theatres and show rooms: Animagique Theater, Moteurs…Action! Stunt Show Spectacular, Studio Theater and the Legend of Buffalo Bill
  • Restaurants: Cafe Hyperion, Chalet de la Marionette, and Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon
  • The World of Disney shop
  • Stu(dio 1

And more precisely:

With regards to rides:

  • Single rider queues have been temporarily suspended
  • Capacity in queues is limited
  • Air con is not on air recycling mode anymore; fresh air is injected in rides and theatres instead

Withe regards to outdoor parades/ shows:

  • All outdoor shows have been cancelled. Instead many characters will be present throughout the parcs.

With regards to character meet and greets:

  • Cuddles and hugs with characters are now limited
  • The Princess Pavilion is closed; and the new Princess Cavalcade is cancelled
  • Mickey and Minnie are replacing the princesses at Auberge de Cendrillon

With regards to restaurants:

  • To limit the risk of contamination, cutlery will have higher rotation. In some restaurants metal cutlery will be replaced with disposable cutlery. This applies to breakfast and staff restaurants.

With regards to restrooms:

  • Hydroalcoholic gel is available free of charge in restrooms

With regards to the park more generally:

  • Increased cleaning of paths, streets, and water points, and desinfection of queues have been put in place
  • Cleaning with antibacterial wipes of pushchairs and wheelchairs available to rent
  • Buses and Hotel shuttles will drop guests off from 8:30am to 11:30am at the South Bus stop located on Avenue Paul Séramy; and from 11:30am onwards at the North bus stop near the station Marne-la-Vallée Chessy

‘There is currently no plan to close, and if such a decision was made it would be by the regional préfet (state’s representative)’ indicates Lucas Gheddad on behalf of the CFTC Disney trade union. We will keep you updated about any announcement by Disneyland Paris.


We wanted to remind our followers of the general advice to avoid catching and spreading viruses such as the coronavirus.

Because it is a new illness, we do not know exactly how coronavirus spreads from person to person. However similar viruses are spread in cough droplets.

There are things you can do to help stop viruses like coronavirus spreading:

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) if you cough or sneeze.
  • Bin tissues immediately after use.
  • Wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap, in particular after blowing your nose or coughing and sneezing. Use hand sanitiser gel if water and soap are not. available. Water and soap are recommended over hand sanitiser gel if both options are available to you.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and face unless you’ve just washed your hands.
  • Avoid contact with people who are ill.
  • Stay at home if you feel unwell, and if you are at DLP please do stay in your hotel room and seek medical advice.
  • If you have flu-like symptoms and think you could have coronavirus, do not visit your GP, pharmacy or hospital but check the procedure set by the health department in your country of residence.


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