• 4 July 2020

Customise your shoes with Mickey

When you don’t know what to do but are full of creative ideas, there is one solution… customising.

It’s a simple activity which doesn’t require a lot of material. Here is what you will need:
A large permanent marker pen, a medium and a small one, and a pair of trainers.


You can do it on your own or with your family, children will love it.
If you’ve never tried to draw Mickey you can practice on an old t-shirt or another item.
I like to do trainers, usually I buy them on sale.
These ones cost me 3 euros.
Here are the videos. Je vous mets les vidéos.
Have fun !




My name is Catherine, I discovered Disneyland Paris park when it opened in 1992. More than anything else, I love the fairytale world that emerges there. I'm a great fan of princess movies. Yet my favorite movie is Mary Poppins.

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