Disney Lifestyle N°1 : Valentine’s Day Shopping

After a long period of absence, I told myself (or ED92 kindly asked me to ?) that I had to start putting my fingers on a keyboard again to write articles. Yes yes, you’re not dreaming, the last “On Ne Vous A Rien Dit” dates back to… December 2019 ?

Let’s just say that I was, like some Walt Disney Studios attractions, hidden behind fences, in rehabilitation ?! I’m already warning you, I’ll continue to do a lot of shuffling in 2020.

But what the hell am I going to talk about? Yes, I’ve been asked to make a small selection of articles from all over the world for… Valentine’s Day.

I knew there were some crazy people on the team but from there to entrust me with the shopping section, there was a step… that they decided to take ?! Well, I guess I’m gonna have to start ?!

Ladies and gentlemen, Valentine and Valentin, welcome to this new appointment: Disney Lifestyle ?!


Ed92 - Pollyanna

Gentlemen, you’ll agree with me if I start with the ladies. On the other hand, it won’t have anything to do with car mechanics, will it? (Did I tell you I’d go on?). So here is what I propose to you as a gift to give to your sweetheart. Don’t worry, there will be something for everyone:

Minnie’s earrings

We’ll start with a mini-price. For the modest sum of €15, you will get a nice pair of silver-plated earrings in the shape of a headband on the “Shop Disney” website. Instead of wearing a very well sold item at Disneyland Paris, your valentine will have Minnie‘s headband pricked in the ears.

Site Web Shop Disney

If you are interested in this product, click on this link: Minnie

Pandora Jewellery

On the Pandora website (or at Disney Village), you’ll find countless Disney-stamped jewels. The bracelet below can be used as a basis for a whole series of jewels of this brand.

Bracelet Minnie
Site Web Pandora

Ladies, I’m sure many of you have bracelets filled with different “charms“, “clips” or “spacers“. The advantage of these different products is that they’re all customizable. Depending on your mood, you could have “charms” hanging like the selection below…

Charm pendant Belle et le clochard
Site Web Pandora – Charm Lady and the Tramp
Charm pendant Minnie
Site Web Pandora – Charm pendant Minnie
Charm pendant La Pomme Blanche Neige
Site Web Pandora – Charm Snow White Apple

…from various Disney animated films…

Charm Simba et Nala
Site Web Pandora – Charm Simba et Nala
Charm La petite sirène
Site Web Pandora – Charm The Little Mermaid
Charm Cendrillon
Site Web Pandora – Charm Cinderella

…or even different colors.

Charm Lampe Génie
Site Web Pandora 
Charm Tapis Volant
Site Web Pandora

There are also Disney stamped Pandora necklaces or rings.


When you say clothes, you also say “Primark” stores. The small budgets will be filled in this store offering clothing or accessories at mini prices. If your princess loves the character of Minnie, you may be able to please her with these pyjamas available on the site for 14€.

Pyjama Minnie
Site Web Primark

Like at Pandora, this store offers many different types of clothing in the colours of the Disney characters. Madam prefers an object for the house or beauty products? No problem, there’s plenty to do at Primark.

On the Kiabi store’s website, you will also find “Disney” clothes to offer to your sweetheart. If you click on the photos, you will be taken directly to the store’s website.

T Shirt Disney Blanc Minnie Femme
Site Web Kiabi – T-Shirt Disney 
Sweat Disney Beige Grande Taille Femme
Site Web Kiabi – Sweat Disney

Bringing out the big game

Finally, I propose to go for something extremely expensive. But since nothing will be too good for your half, why not offer a night (or more) at the Castle Club of the Disneyland Hotel.

Disneyland Hôtel

If Maurice agrees to push the cork a little further (french pub reference ^^), why don’t you spend the night in one of the DLH suites? Yes, I know, you’re going to tell me it’s going to cost you an arm, a leg, a kidney, your house, your banker…(without exaggeration of course?).

You will find below some pictures of the suite “Tinker Bell“.

Suite Tinker Bell

Suite Tinker Bell

Suite Tinker Bell

Suite Tinker Bell

Suite Tinker Bell

Take advantage of the facilities of the Castle Club, the hotel in general (swimming pool, spa centre, restaurants, etc…) to make your stay perfect.

Nothing could be as beautiful as seeing Madame’s eyes fill with stars ?…and your wallet gradually emptying ?…. Anyway, if you have the opportunity, do it. It’s so beautiful to dream…or not.

Tumblr Metzi5idkv1rk7m2ko1 500

After the ladies, let’s move on to the gentlemen. How could you please and be romantic? No, don’t tell me you were thinking of taking a delorean to ancient Rome…, I absolutely won’t believe you…

In his song “Tous les mêmes“, Stromae said that “you men are all the same, macho but cheap”. This obviously has nothing to do with Chip and Dale because it’s not written the same way!

Any gift would probably be welcome for us. Far be it from me to say that we don’t want any romantic gifts, maybe we’re less demanding without being pejorative?.

So here is my selection, ladies, for you lucky ones:

A Stormtrooper

Fans of the Star Wars saga won’t mind if I suggest a figurine in the shape of a Stormtrooper. It’s not just any action figure. It’s made of crystal and it’s from the Swarovski store. Presented here on the Shop Disney website for 279€, it is also available on the store website.

Figurine Stormtrooper
Site Web Shop Disney

Measuring 12cm high by 4.5cm long and 3.5cm wide, this figurine is very fragile. It is obviously not to be put in all hands. Clumsy to abstain! It would be a shame to break it.

Star Wars – Dark Vador
Site Web Swarovski

If you think he will prefer, Darth Vader, it also exists but it will cost 120€ more to reach 399€.

Star Wars – Casque Stormtrooper
Site Web Swarovski

Note that if you want to blow the budget, there are Stormtrooper helmets for more than 7000€.

*If you click on the pictures, you will arrive directly on the websites of the different products offered.

Star Wars collectible coins

As we are in the middle of the Star Wars season at Walt Disney Studios, I propose you to continue on the Shop Disney website with these 3 lots (of 3 pieces each) representing some characters from the saga. At the price of 120€ for the 3 packs (40€ per pack), you will have 9 collector’s items:

Package 1: General Grievous – Darth Mual & Janco Fett

Pièces de Collection Star Wars
Site Web Shop Disney

Package 2 : Jabba The Hutt – Darth Vader & Stormtrooper

Pièces de collection Star wars
Site Web Shop Disney

Package 3 : Elite Praetorien Guard – Kylo Ren & Sith Trooper

Pièces de collection Star Wars
Site Web Shop Disney

*If you click on the pictures, you will arrive directly on the wesite of the various products proposed.

Lego Store

Available at Disney Village or in the stores themselves, you could offer boxes of Lego to your man.

Chateau Disney Lego
Site Web LEGO

Who hasn’t dreamt of having the Walt Disney World Castle in Florida, the Death Star from Star Wars or the new Railroad train station?

Etoile de la mort Star Wars Lego
Site Web LEGO
Train et Gare Disney Lego
Site Web LEGO

I know some people who would love to have one of the three boxes!

*If you click on the pictures, you will arrive directly on the website of the different products propose

Eng Baby Kuzco Toy

After these few separate articles, I suggest 3 more things you could do for Valentine’s Day but together.

A Dinner in romantic restaurants of the resort

I did name the California Grill. You will live a unique experience in a restaurant inspired by the Victorian period. The refined cuisine will delight your taste buds. In addition, you will also be able to taste a good number of French or Californian wines.

California Grill
Site Web Disneyland Paris
California Grill
Site Web Disneyland Paris
California Grill
Site Web Disneyland Paris

If you would like to reserve a table there, please click on this link .

Before that, you can check the menu on our guide via this link Disneyland Hotel ===> California Grill.

In the same idea, why not have lunch or dinner at the Auberge de Cendrillon as a couple.

Auberge de Cendrillon
Site Web Disneyland Paris
Auberge de Cendrillon
Site Web Disneyland Paris

To book a table, click on this link

Before that, don’t hesitate to take a look at our guide to consult the menu: Fantasyland ===> Auberge de Cendrillon.

Seal your union with a padlock of love.

Why not seal a union symbolically with one of love’s padlocks? Available at “Harrington’s Fine China & Porcelains” on Main Street, U.S.A. and “Merlin the Enchanter” at Fantasyland, they can figure Disney characters.

Cadenas Amour Disneyland Paris

You can get this beautiful padlock (with its keys) featuring Mickey and Minnie for €14.99. It is available with different characters.

Various products from Disneyland Paris

In the other shops in the park, on Main Street or in the castle, you will also find different products for Valentine’s Day: rings, necklaces, champagne flutes, roses or figurines of characters of different sizes.

Bagues Disneyland Paris
Collier Disneyland Paris
Flûtes à champagne Disneyland Paris
Roses Disneyland Paris
Roses Disneyland Paris
Personnages Disney
49€ pièce

Saint Vanlentin Disneyland Paris

I hope this selection has given you some great ideas and I have helped you find a good choice!

If you have other ideas (or good tips), share them with us in the comments of this article or via our different social networks.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

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