• 3 June 2020

Disney Lifestyle : discovering papercrafts

We’re confined to the house for a little while… We might be deprived of our favourite Park but there’s nothing to stop us, with very little equipment, from bringing a little Disney magic to life at home!

Today let’s dive into the world of papercrafts. It’s a fun activity for young and old alike! But a papercraft or papertoy, what is it? A mixture of collage and origami, patience and thoroughness: enough to keep you busy for hours!! Here’s how it looks:

papercraft chip & dale template

You can find lots of templates to print online. Here’s a small selection in which I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for!

  • The cute ones

Chip and Dale :

papercraft tic & tac

Dumbo :

papercraft dumbo

Squiz (Finding Nemo) :

papercraft squiz

  • 2. The Princesses


beautiful papercraft


papercraft jasmine

  • 3. For the Star Wars fans…


papercraft r2d2

Star Tours Starspeeder 1000:

papercraft startours

  • 4. For anyone feeling nostalgic about Disneyland Paris

It’s possible to find more wonderful models on disneyexperience.com

Space Mountain:papercraft space mountain

The train from Big Thunder Mountain:

papercraft BTM

The Mark Twain:

papercraft mark twain

And if you really feel like it, why not throw yourself into the grail of papercraft: THE CASTLE!!!

Dlp castle papercraft

Dlp castle papercraft

If in a month we are still in confinement, my daughter and I have decided to take up the challenge!

In the meantime, my 9 year old daughter started her first cuts this week, with simple patterns to start with. At a rate of about 30 minutes per papercraft, it’s been a busy few hours already!

papercrafts test

Here’s what it looks like after the patterns are cut:

papercrafts tests

And the first projects:

papercrafts tests

Your turn!



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