Disney Lifestyle « DIY » : make a 100% Disney decoration

Going to Disneyland Paris is always magical, but bringing some of that magic home to enjoy every day is even better!
For years now, every time I visit the park, I’ve brought home a figurine, a little statuette, a Christmas decoration, you know, all those little things that you find so cute in the shop, but that you don’t necessarily know where to put when you get home…
Last year, I redecorated my office, and that’s when it clicked: it will be a 100% Disney room, in which I will be able to exhibit all my treasures!

100% Disney decoration

Is it on?
First we take a piece to redo, and we attack: first a coat of white paint !


Then you choose your background colours, no or few patterns, since you want to add decoration, and too much decoration kills decoration! I chose to make 3 walls in grey, and the 4th, which will be the main wall, with a wallpaper almost plain blue, there is just a light grid on it.
Once the room is ready, we’ll buy shelves with frames:

Shelf for picture framesSold between 5,99€ and 14,99€ at Ikea, depending on the color and length you want

Then frames, lots of frames ! Of different sizes and colors to break the monotony. I really like the “princess” side of the Ikea Knoppäng and Söndrum frames !

Ikea frame
Knoppang frames, sold 5,99€ at Ikea

Sondrum frames, Ikea
Sondrum frames, between 5€ and 11,99€ at Ikea depending on size

Ribba frames, Ikea
Cadres Ribba, sold  7€ at Ikea

In the frames some photos and Disney illustrations found on the net (Etsy is a gold mine to find decoration)
Then we start garnishing! Before moving on to the small odds and ends bought at Disneyland, a little detour to Primark, in the home section, which very often offers Disney collections to fall for! I’ve fallen for the Mickey’s lamp !

Lamp Mickey Primark
Sold at Primark 12€

Some examples of souvenirs brought back from Disneyland that I displayed on the shelves:

Jack and Gus cup
Sold at  Disneyland or  DisneyStore 20€

Disney Traditions TinkerBell
Sold on Amazon 22€

Disney Traditions Stitch
Sold on Amazon 16,49€

I was also able to put on a piece of furniture the bronze statue of Mickey and the castle of Sleeping Beauty under a bell, bought at Disneyland for the 25th anniversary of the park! I show you the result?

100% Disney decoration

100% Disney decoration

100% Disney decoration

100% Disney decoration

Alors, ça vous donne des envies de bricolage ? Ou des envie de shopping à Disneyland Paris ? 😉

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