• 4 July 2020

Disney Plus: Be Our Chef

Have you seen Disney+ original series Be Our Chef? In the new family cooking competition, contestants from across the US meet their favourite Disney character in Disney World, Florida, and cook for them!

The Disney+ reality show is perfect for anyone who’s dreamed of dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table (of course, DLP’s very own L’Auberge du Cendrillon)!

You can guess the rest – whoever cooks the best dish, wins a fantastic prize! In this case it’s a Disney Cruise. Let’s hope they had time to take up the prize before current events took hold…

Angela Kinsey from The Office (US version) hosts the show, and the food is judged by a very special guest each week. No, not the characters themselves, but this is kind of cool – more on the judges later.

What Be Our Chef Serves Up

In each episode, two families of 4 compete to cook the best dish! But first, Be Our Chef gives them some Disney inspiration…

The families meet their favourite character at a special location around the park. From Moana to Baymax, these Disney characters are ready to inspire the contestants to cook a recipe that’s inspired by their stories.

So… to the kitchens!

This part’s pretty much like any other cooking competition.

All ages join in, so the recipes are accessible – they might even give you a few ideas to try at home. Of course, the families add their own specialities to make each dish special.

But There’s One Disney Dining Failure

The families are mixed ages, which is great because there’s no age limit on Disney fandom. But… when you’re in a skills competition, it’s a little harsh.

In the middle of the cooking contest, each team sends two family members outside for the chance to win an advantage. They have to take on a skills test like husking corn or knocking coconuts off their stands.

Well, surprise! Sometimes it’s hard for the younger kids to keep up.

That’s not the end of it though. One of the advantages the teams can win is making the other team take a time-out.

So we get to watch as two little girls and their parents have to stand on the sidelines for five minutes. But wait, it gets worse! Because the time out happens in the second half of the contest, it’s guaranteed that all their food is reaching a crucial point.

Disney isn’t in the business of making kids sad, so this part of the challenge just doesn’t feel right.

Isn’t there another way to add complexity to the show? Healthy competition is one thing, but this part just feels awkward.

Meet the Real Chefs of Disney World!

Once that horror is over, it’s plating time – and things get back on track! You can expect cute plating in the shape of scenes from the characters’ movies, and their home countries.

And we get to meet some of Disney World’s real chefs!

One of the resort’s chefs judges the dishes each episode – saving a princess or hero from a tough decision. Though it would be nice to meet the characters one more time! But we can’t complain, it’s interesting to see one of the chefs who makes Disney dining happen.

So What’s Be Our Chef All About?

Maybe there are a couple of flaws but really, it’s a nice Disney+ original series for all the family. Then you can take inspiration and cook for your favourite characters!

The ED92 team have prepared Star Wars risotto and Mickey shortbread if you need some inspiration!

We likeWe don’t like
Meeting a different character each episodeMismatched ages make the contest harder on younger kids
Sneak peeks of Disney World restaurants and meeting their chefsThe harsh timeout rule doesn’t fit the spirit of Disney magic
Be Our Chef is all about family and teamworkJust one quick meet and greet scene with the characters
Inspires families to get in the kitchenBe Our Chef could make more use of the chefs and restaurant setttings
Gives ideas on Disney recipes like Mulan’s Chinese foodIt makes us want to travel to Florida to compare restaurants!


I’m Jane, a Fantasyland girl whose favourite park music is Grim Grinning Ghosts - because even the spooky things are delightful in Disneyland Paris. I want to help other fans find that Disney sparkle through ED92!

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