• 5 July 2020

DIY – Magic At Home : learn how to draw Mickey Mouse

You want to learn how to draw your favourite mouse like a pro ?

Disney gives us the opportunity to draw 3 different perfect Mickey Mouse (an old-school Mickey from the 1920s, a contemporary and a whimsical version) using video tutorials. Disney cast member Stephen Ketchum has been drawing Mickey at Disney Parks for years and offers expert tips for artists of all skill levels. So I gave it a try !

First, we’re beginning with easy to follow instructions on how to draw Mickey as artists would have created him in the late 1920s. You begin with a simple circle and then use lightly drawn curved lines to create Mickey. Here is the video:

Here is my drawing, made in a few minutes:

essai de dessin mickey vintage

Drawing a more contemporary looking Mickey is just as easy, as you can see in this tutorial :

Ready ? Here it is:

dessin mickey contemporain

And let’s try the 3rd Mickey, the whimsical one:

Here’s my Mickey:

dessin Mickey fantaisiste


tests apprendre à dessiner Mickey

What do you think about my drawing ? It’s not too bad for a first try, is it ?

Will you try to draw the most beautiful Mickey too ?

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