• 4 July 2020


[DLP MOBILE APP NEWS] Find out all about the great upcoming features and updates for the Disneyland Paris mobile app!

[DLP MOBILE APP NEWS] Find out all about the great upcoming features and updates for the Disneyland Paris mobile app!

At the InsidEars Christmas party on December 20th, 2019, we were excited to meet and chat with Guillaume Bendiyan, who is the Product Manager responsible for the Disneyland Paris application, around the next features and updates of the mobile application.


The main features to come in 2020:

Live Chat for Park Guests:

From the start of 2020, the new application will offer a Live Chat service with Guest Experience Team. They will be delighted to answer all the questions of visitors getting them information as quickly as possible. At launch, this service will not be installed natively in the official application but will redirect you to an exclusive WhatsApp channel. If successful, this service will be continued beyond the pilot.

Improved experience personalization:

Within about three months time (give or take), the application will start to offer personalized accounts that will allow you to customize the shown experiences (attractions, restaurants, characters, etc.) most suited to each user. Thanks to this profile, the application will adapt to their usage habits, make them personalized suggestions or daily plan suggestions.

Push Notifications:

Later in 2020 get personalized notifications produced for example to indicate the presence of your favorite character.

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Personalized information for Annual Passes :

For Annual Pass holders, a new feature will make it easy to find all the advantages linked to their type of Pass (I.e amounts of discount in restaurants or shops, calendars of restricted days, etc).

Later in 2020, for French and Belgian customers they will be able to purchase Annual Passes via the application that will be instantly activated. All AP users will be provided in-app with personalized information (validity date, number of privilege tickets, etc.) Please see more details further down.

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in-app Ticket purchases :

Purchasing tickets through the app will only be possible at first for same day tickets. There will be fewer queues for ticketing for Disneyland Paris visitors. This feature is almost ready to launch. It will also allow access to the parks from the smartphone which can be scanned at turnstiles!

Ultimately, in the future all types of tickets could be paid from the application (parties, Wild West Show, parking, etc.).

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Restaurant reservations:

By mid-year, restaurant reservations should be available. This future service is currently in the visual creation (design) phase. This will provide a similar experiance to what is currently offered online in some languages.

Great features to come in the longer term

Digital Annual Passes:

The creation of Digital Annual Passes is one of the many projects underway for the digital team. The design phase is ongoing. You will therefore have to wait a little longer before seeing the physical Annual Passes begin to be replaced. Before that, an intermediate stage will make it possible to propose the sale of FASTPASS (paying offer only for the moment). Again, the point is to be able to reduce the queues to optimize the visitor’s day.

« Mobile Ordering» :

The “Mobile Order”, allowing you to order your meal on the application and then retrieve it from a dedicated counter in the restaurant during a chosen time slot, will take a little more time before being available. Its implementation will notably require that all the menus of the restaurants of the destination be digitized. This is a similar experiance to what is offered to guests in the USA parks.

Improvement and optimization of use.

For Guillaume Bendiyan, it is essential that WiFi coverage is improved in the park esplanade and especially near the security checkpoints.

Requests have been made to this effect so that visitors can prepare their day (buying tickets, booking restaurants, etc.) in these queues, which are seen as a waste of time. In general, the improvement of WiFi and 4G networks throughout the destination remains a key concern.

In addition, the various updates will improve the performance of the application both in terms of battery consumption and mobile data. This will be the case from the next update scheduled for early 2020. The aim is to prevent the application from discharging smartphones too quickly, while at the same time optimizing access to the various services. For a better user experience, the card has also been pre-downloaded since last summer for offline access!

The possibility of being able to charge one’s phone in parks has been addressed. Several options are being considered, including lockers (such as in train stations, shopping centres, etc.) that allow users to leave their phones charged in a safe place while they are at the attraction, or tables with integrated USB sockets in restaurants. The park already offers the sale of pre-charged external batteries in its shops. In the long term, the idea is to offer several solutions to visitors according to their preferences and needs

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Three apps in one!

Today, a visit to Disneyland Paris potentially requires the installation and use of at least three different applications (Disneyland Paris, PhotoPass and Lineberty).

In the medium / long term, the will displayed is to group the three applications into one. For the integration of the PhotoPass in the Disneyland Paris application, the process will be long because it will require a complete overhaul meeting the new needs expressed by visitors (zoom on a photo, etc.). It should also be an opportunity to suggest filters and characters to add to the photographs.

In 2020 and beyond, the Disneyland Paris application will continue to evolve at a sustained pace with numerous updates scheduled every three to four months on average. We will not fail to keep you informed of these various developments.

We thank Guillaume Bendiyan and his team for the time and attention they have shown us.

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