EDITO: is it worth going to Disneyland Paris without shows, parades…?

That’s it, Disneyland Paris officially reopened its doors this Wednesday, 15th July! But here we are, faced with health measures, some choices have been made by the park: for the moment, no show, no parade, no cuddle with the characters,… is it worth it in this case to go back there right now? Our columnists are asking the question.

Two editors, two opinions: Make your choice!


Yes, in any case, it’s worth it! by Alice

Here we are at last!

After 4 long months of waiting, the park has finally reopened its doors this Monday 13th July, for the annual passes first, then, from Wednesday, for everyone. 

The capacity capped at 25,000 people offers a lot of advantages right from the start: almost no waiting at security checks or to enter the park. From a distance, the queues may seem impressive, but in the end, as social distancing is respected, it goes very fast! For me, as an Annual Pass holder, the reservation system is linked to the pass, so all the Cast Member has to do at the entrance is scan the QR code to check that you have booked your entrance.

time for magic
It’s time for magic

Once beyond the gates we are the world of magic that we missed so much! And if you’re worried that the health measures will spoil this magical kingdom, that’s not the case! Everything has been thought of to integrate the decor perfectly. The carpets on the floor to help keep the right distance, the plexiglass panels in the queues, the disinfectant gel dispensers are in the worlds’ colours. Of course, we can no longer give Mickey a big cuddle, but to see him wave at us as we pass under the Main Street train station is so magical!

Once passed the station, we’ve rarely seen Main Street so empty!!! And it’s far from being unpleasant if you want to take a nice picture of the castle!

Same for the attractions: even with the limited capacity, the waiting time rarely exceeded 30 minutes even for attractions as popular as Big Thunder Mountain or Crush’s Coaster! 

The restaurants have also adapted very well to the situation! The fast food restaurants offer more or less the same menus as usual, but as take-away. To make the most of your meal, even more tables have been set up all over the park. And what could be more magical than enjoying your pizza or burger with a view of It’s a Small World? The buffets, meanwhile, offer the same dishes, but with table service. So if you don’t like getting up every two minutes and leaving your friends at the table, like me, you’ll be delighted!


Wearing a mask all the time is still an uncomfortable measure to bear for everyone, but isn’t it a good excuse to sit down and drink a good Milkshake at Victoria’s so you can take it off during the break? 

All in all, with reduced waiting times for attractions, much less congested alley ways and total respect of health measures, going back to Disneyland Paris this summer is clearly a great idea !! Especially if your holidays have been cancelled! 


No thank you, I’m going to wait a little… by Sandra

“Is it worth going to Disneyland Paris without one show, one parade, or one real encounter with the characters? “My answer is no.

But be mindful that it’s a no that depends on circumstances. In my opinion, it all depends on which visitor you are: holder of an annual pass who lives nearby and comes regularly or an occasional visitor? Do you like walking around and attractions or are you wanting for magic made in Disney? 

If you are used to the magic kingdom of Disney, expect some notable changes! You will have to adapt to the new instructions, in restaurants, attractions, shops and even alley ways. The cast members will gently call you out if you don’t follow them (which is perfectly normal). Waiting your turn to enter a shop, seeing the attractions running half full, not approaching the characters for a  cuddle, not being able to choose your plate in the “all you can eat” restaurants … All this is not customary for us and remains rather restrictive!  

However, if you are a visitor in search of magic, the magic we expect from Disney and that we can see for example in the old commercials, you might be disappointed! No show, no parade, no classic meeting with the characters, no closing show … The park loses in attractiveness! 

What makes Disneyland Paris interesting is precisely these things that are now missing … And even if they put the emphasis on the magical shots (which are very successful it must be said) and selfies with sometimes rarer characters (Thor and Loki to name only them), all that remains rather cold… The frustration can be very great for those who are waiting for the old-fashioned park and for whom, sometimes, the holiday represents several months or even years of preparation. 

I don’t even mention managing children. We all know, me first, that the days at the park are exhausting for them and that even the quietest characters end up losing it because of exhaustion and excitement… Here, they will also have to take into account the new health measures. Children usually adapt very quickly to change. However, respecting the distances in the lines at all times is not necessarily easy, especially for the youngest among them. As for not being able to give Mickey or Winnie a cuddle, it can really disappoint them!

Finally, the last aspect which is a real negative point for me: wearing a mask! It is compulsory in all circumstances, whether it is in the attractions, in the queues, in the alleys … And if all this is perfectly normal and justified (this is not the question), it remains a real obstacle. The heat, the feeling of always breathing the same air … Although necessary, it is really very unpleasant !

As an annual pass holder, it is possible that I will come back to Disneyland Paris despite all this because I know what to expect, except in case of very high heat: wearing a mask must be even more difficult ! Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the measures put in place: you feel safe in the park and the compensation offered by Disney is very nice. But that’s only because I’m a regular… I still really miss the parade and the fireworks!

For the first time in my life, I won’t recommend anyone to visit the parks right now, not to people who are not used to it. Too much frustration, too many constraints!!! 

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