Editorial | Is the price increase justified at Disneyland Paris?

This week’s editorial focuses on a sensitive subject, our wallet!  For several months now, rate increases have been regular at Disneyland Paris. But at a time when the destination is reinventing itself, or when renovations are multiplying, and when a two-billion dollar plan was announced nearly two years, are these increases justified?

Our revieuwer do not agree! Two opinions, two answers. Make your choice!

Maximus is angry

Yes, it hurts the wallet, but it’s for a good cause… By Hélène

First of all, to maintain, modify, create, well yes, you need money! Attractions in rehabilitation, renovation, new attractions under construction or to come, lots of projects that will make Disneyland Paris evolve to amaze us even more! Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast needed a real makeover, and this year it will be done!

Mickey cleans a clock

And then in terms of novelties, new lands will come to enrich the Walt Disney Studios, Frozen, and Star Wars in particular! And frankly, having had the chance to go recently to Disneyland Resort in California, I saw Galaxy’s Edge, the Star Wars land, I can’t wait for its equivalent to arrive here!

The Millennium Falcon is being hunted...

On the novelty side, we were also announced a brand new parade for Christmas 2020, these are certainly investments, but what a delight we will have to discover these new tanks and costumes! With all this novelty, there is no weariness in sight!

In addition, the Park operates for our greatest pleasure franchises such as Star Wars or Marvel in certain attractions or more specifically during special seasons, which also require research, to offer us shows, costumes, merchandising, food, … which allow us to dive completely into the universe of our favorite heroes!

Peter Quill aka Star-Lord dances

Now let’s look more precisely at the price of the entrance ticket. Yes, it’s quite a sum : from 76€ to 107€ for the 1 day / 2 parks ticket depending on the date, that’s the theory ! Because in practice, who really pays full price? Everywhere on the net, on private sales sites, on the Disneyland Paris site itself, or through an association or works council, it is very easy to have access to great savings almost all year round on the entry ticket.

And then what is the real impact of rate increases on visitors? Let’s study 2 visitor profiles:

  • the visitor who puts aside some money to come and enjoy himself ONCE in the park, who will probably say to himself “I don’t go there every day, so I enjoy it”, and who will certainly not “see” the difference in price with last year’s rate since he will have no point of comparison.

Olaf and his sled loaded with gifts

  • the regular visitor, the one who intends to go to the park several times a year, for whom the purchase of an Annual Pass also allows some savings that can help to make people forget about the increase in fares : It pays for itself after only a few visits and allows, depending on the Pass chosen, discounts on restaurants, shopping, parking,… If we take the example of the “Magic Plus” Pass, which allows access to Disneyland Paris 350 days a year, offers 10% off restaurants and shops, the possibility of getting places for friends at an unbeatable price, and all this for 299€, or 25€ per month…

Personally, I go to Disneyland 2 or 3 times a year, so I don’t fit into either of those 2 boxes. I don’t have an Annual Pass, I buy my entrance tickets when there’s a promotion, and I “compensate” the entrance fee by saving money elsewhere: at lunch on the park, I take a sandwich, and I rather enjoy myself with a little extra (the Mickey’s waffle, the special cookie of the current season,…) and a little souvenir in the shops! Let’s not forget that if the entrance ticket is a sesame without which it’s impossible to enter our world of magic, everything else is just a bonus, Disneyland does not force consumption, we are always free to distribute the rest of our expenses as we wish!

I think it should be “No, these increases are unjustified and come way too soon! By Delphine

Disneyland Paris have just announced a new tariff increase, this time for the dining plans. This increase couldn’t come at a worst time for many fans. It would have most certainly been much wiser to wait until the end of the multiple closures and rehabilitations to increase prices.

First, the dining offer is not at its optimum. The building works in the Walt Disney Studio have led to the closure of Restaurant des Stars, leaving only one dining option in this park that is not fast food.

Donald Duck eats

It’s not much better in the Disneyland park. The Toad Hall has been closed every time we visited, et none can remember when Walt’s was last open. Queues are long, very long, especially in busy periods. It is not uncommon to have to wait more than 45 minutes to place an order at Café Hyperion. I feel that service should be at its best before increasing prices.

The dining plans can’t be used in all restaurants within the Disneyland Paris estate because many restaurants in the Village don’t accept them. This is particularly restrictive in the winter when the parks close early and options for dinner are scarce.

Hades eats too

This increase is just a continuation of the ongoing increase of the cost of visiting Disneyland Paris. Packages have become significantly more expensive over the last few years, and so have the entry tickets to the parks. But in return for the costs going up, visitors are experiencing many rides being closed for long refurbishment, like Buzz this year, fences erected all around the parks, and a partial closure of the Walt Disney Studio. This would be enough to make people think twice about coming to Disneyland Paris at the moment; the price increases just add to the lack of appeal.

Donald is stunned

We are in a transition period. Disneyland Paris have ambitious expansion plans, including the new Frozen land for 2023, but since the opening of Toy Story land in 2007 there has been very little change in the parcs. The price increases are premature compared to when the rides and experiences available to visitors will be evolving.

Seasons come and go, or not. We see very little change in the Seasons planned for this year; Star Wars is nearly a copy-paste of last year and the Frozen Season is far from being a crowd pleaser. It’s considered by many to not match the Festival Pirates & Princesses in previous years in terms of quality.

Whilst I fully understand the need to fund the expansion programmes and the development of the parcs, these price increases are not justified and are just being applied too early and whilst the experience of visitors is already negatively impacted. It does not encourage anyone to go to Disneyland Paris before 2023.


The Master of Time, in Alice in Wonderland, rejoices...

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