• 4 July 2020

Editorial – Price, quality: can we eat well at Disneyland Paris?

When you come to Disneyland Paris, are you more likely to eat on site, or to prepare your meals in advance? If you prefer to treat yourself and eat in the park’s restaurants, the question of price and quality arises. Our editorialists wonder : « Is it possible to find well-balanced meals? Should we be satisfied with a quick snack? »

Two people, two opinions: Make your choice!

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Yes! By Raeanne

When we think of food at a theme park, our thoughts automatically go to cheeseburgers and hot dogs; the typical theme park items. However the Disney parks offer a much wider range of food, even on their quick service menus.

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For instance we have offerings such as pasta, which is high in fibre and nutrients, as well as carbohydrates which means it is a real energy booster when you are walking around the parks all day. We also have yassa chicken and Vegetables on offer over at Restaurant Hakuna Matata, and items such as fajitas over at Fuente Del Oro. Now being quick service, it may not be the healthiest of options, it at least we have a range of cultures to choose from.

Sticking with the quick service, salads are also widely available, and of course sandwiches and fruit bags. The food really gets good however at the buffet restaurants such as Plaza Gardens, where there are so many different foods on offer and you can take whatever you like.

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Personally these restaurants are my go to at Disneyland Paris as they offer the widest range of food. You truly can have a real mixture of everything and anything, and it’s real food! I know that I can go to these buffets and I can have a perfectly healthy and fresh meal, that I have put together myself. From fresh salad to vegetables, pasta, and meat. The buffets really are a break away from the stereotypical theme park food, and give you that sense of finally eating something that’s good, and real.


Finally we have the table service restaurants. These are restaurants such as Captain Jack’s and Walt’s. Now although these restaurants are pricey, the food on offer is phenomenal, and often fair priced for the quality of food that you are getting.

Food for children is also varied at all of Disneyland’s food locations. Children’s meals often come with a choice of vegetables or cherry tomatoes as a side, and juice or milk as opposed to sugar filled carbonated drinks.

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Overall I think the food offering at Disneyland Paris is superb and if you want to make sure you are eating well, then you can rest assured that at the most magical place in Europe, you can.

No, it depends on the restaurant! By Sandra

If by well we mean good, I would say it depends on the location. Fast food restaurants are numerous and have quite varied offers. However, you have to keep in mind that this is industrial food and it can’t be otherwise when you consider the huge quantities of meals sold every day! The quality is therefore relative and the food sometimes lacks flavour. Furthermore, as is often the case in fast food restaurants, the image on the menu does not represent reality! It often happens that the burger on your menu doesn’t match the visual. It’s disappointing, especially when you choose a menu created for a particular season: burgers with dubious colours or crooked desserts…


In restaurants, this is less noticeable, but despite this, the flow is such that many products are necessarily prepared in advance. We necessarily lose quality and freshness. As for healthy eating, it’s quite complicated. Today the offer has diversified to offer raw vegetables instead of chips in the children’s menus, fruit as a snack in some parts of the park and the table service and all-you-can-eat buffets give vegetables top billing. However, we often find the same products and we have the problem of industrial food distributed in large quantities. The products are not organic and honestly, it’s still easier to find sweets and fries than cucumbers and apples!


Finally, if we consider the value for money, then the answer seems obvious to me: it’s no! Fast food is more expensive than elsewhere and generally less tasty.


Restaurants with table service have a more varied menu, but they are not for all budgets. The prices are really excessive if you don’t take the place into account and concentrate only on the content of your plate. Buffets may seem to be an alternative in this sense but their cost remains high for industrial quality food, the dishes kept warm still lose their flavours and are not necessarily refilled when empty. Let’s not even talk about the fact that for about 35 euros per adult (and even more if you go to the restaurant “Inventions”), the drink is not included. Children pay as soon as they reach the age of 3 but the price is the same whether they are 4 or 11 years old and clearly, they don’t eat in the same quantities at all! An intermediate rate would be desirable.

If we have to be perfectly honest, no, you can’t “eat well” at Disneyland Paris if you take account of the three parameters detailed above. This does not prevent you from treating yourself to a Disney restaurant, even if it is less healthy and more expensive than elsewhere, and from being amazed by the place where you eat it and the people you’re eating with more than the meal itself, because after all, you are lucky enough to be in the most magical place!

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