Exclusive visit of Billy Bob’s at Disney Village

In the Disney Village, still closed until tomorrow, all shops and restaurants are busy preparing to welcome visitors during the post-COVID19 reopening. These include distancing stickers, signs explaining the new instructions and plexiglass screens.

Markings on the floor for distancing
Stickers for distancing in the queue

With the agreement of the restaurant Billy Bob’s Buffet La Grange Country Western Saloon, we obtained an appointment in this saloon, very well known in the Disney Village for its parties and festivals, in order to discover the new sanitary measures.

We arrive at the front of Billy Bob’s. At all Disneyland Paris restaurants, a reservation is now required. La Grange at Billy Bob’s is no exception. A sign in front of the entrance indicates that only those who have made a reservation can enter the establishment.

Sign with important reminders about the measures
Safety instructions sign at the entrance of the restaurant

As for the snack bar, it is still freely accessible like before, unless there are too many people. Obviously, you must wear a mask to move around inside the establishment, but you can take it off at the table to eat. In addition, hydroalcoholic gel will be made available to everyone on all floors, whether at the entrance to the restaurant or near the buffet.

Hand sanitizer stations in the restaurant
Hydroalcoholic gel stations available to customers

Let’s get to the snack bar side. The bar counter is only accessible for payments, and the stools have been removed next to the counter. Guests wishing to only have a drink will be seated at a table. Likewise, no one will be allowed to stand, either inside or on the terrace. As indicated on the sign on the ground floor, Billy Bob’s staff do not want customers to move tables and chairs.

Tables may be grouped by staff members only if the group is composed of less than 10 people. Beyond 10 people, the tables must remain separate.

The Snack Bar will offer a disposable, single-use card. Some changes have been made, such as a reduced number of cocktails, and the removal of the potato and croque-monsieur. Le Snack will make real-time modifications, such as every other table.
In addition, the Snack has taken over the terrace and the ground floor room because it is no longer possible to dance due to social distancing.

The tables in the room are spaced out
Tables are spaced out

As a result, the establishment will no longer be scheduling DJ parties, dance classes and festivals at this time. The next festival, scheduled for September, is on hold but may be cancelled. Instead, the establishment will be broadcasting video clips on the stage from Sunday night to Tuesday night, and Billy Bob’s band will be playing live from Wednesday to Saturday, while patrons will have to remain seated at their tables.

Marking on the floor for distancing
Markings on the floor for social distancing

On the La Grange side, we apply the same process as in the park’s buffet restaurants, i.e. a buffet served at the table, with a waiter coming to serve you on request and as much as you like.

The tables are more widely spaced, with the number of seats decreasing from 228 to 146.
La Grange’s menu will be presented by scanning a QR code placed in the middle of the table. If customers do not have a smartphone, they will be able to request a disposable menu.

The teams have been trained to integrate the new process. Everyone is looking forward to the reopening and to welcome customers back. Just as we can’t wait to return to Billy Bob’s to have a great time!

A big thank you to the Team Leaders who received us, Jean Marc and Mang, for their time, their smiles and their kindness 😉

Billy Bob's Saloon sign

Translated from French by DisneyMum

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