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How and where can I meet Characters at Disneyland Paris?

How and Where can I meet Characters at DLP?

Meeting characters is an intrinsic part of the Disneyland Paris experience for children and adults alike. But many first timers wonder what is the best way to meet characters and who they could meet. There are many options throughout the parks and the Disneyland Paris estate. And remember, characters at meet & greets and at meals will pose for a picture and will sign autographs – don’t forget your autographs book and a sharpie!

Character meals

At character meals, the characters stroll the room and come to interact with you at your table. They will pause to take pictures and sign autographs. They are accompanied by a Cast Member who will make sure they visit all tables.

Booking is highly recommended because character meals are very popular. You can add character meals to your hotel package booking by paying upfront (or using your dining plan if you have one), or book up to 6 months in advance via the dining line +33160304050. Character breakfasts can only be booked 3 days in advance if not added to your hotel booking.

Plaza Gardens Restaurant

Where: Disneyland park, at the top of Main Street USA, on the right hand side before reaching the Castle. You will need to have a valid entry ticket to the park to be able to go to Plaza Garden.

When: Breakfast only, sitting at 8:15am and 9:45am (you can only go at 8:15am if you have access to EMH ie if you are staying at a Disney hotel or have an annual pass).

Characters: Regulars are Mickey, Daisy, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore.

Type: Buffet restaurant.

Auberge de Cendrillon

Where: Disneyland park, go through the Castle and you’ll find a courtyard on the right hand side. You will need to have a valid entry ticket to the park to be able to go to the Auberge de Cendrillon

When: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Characters: Cinderella and her 2 mice, as well as a selection of the other Disney princesses. Often seen at ADC are Aurora and Ariel.

Type: Fine dining table service


Where: Disneyland Hotel, located right by the entrance of the Disneyland park. Inventions restaurant is located on the 2nd floor. You don’t need to enter the park to go to the Disneyland Hotel.

When: Lunch and Dinner, Sunday brunch

Characters: Mickey and his friends, often seen are Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and a selection of other classic Disney characters.

Type: Buffet restaurant

Café Mickey

Where: Disney Village, on the left hand side as you walk towards the hotel through the Village

When: Dinner

Characters: The usual line up is Mickey, Minnie, Tigger, Eeyore, Goofy but there are some variations

Type: Table service


Scheduled meet & greets in the park

Several characters have scheduled meet & greets in the Disneyland Park or in the Walt Disney Studios Park. Opening hours vary and are announced on the programme that you can find at the entrance of the parks or online on the DLP website.

Some meet & greets must be booked via an app called Lineberty. The app is a virtual queue and you need to get a ticket to be able to come and meet the characters that are on Lineberty. The characters that must be booked via the app have a QR code next to them on the programme. Currently these are mostly characters in the Walt Disney Studios but also sometimes in the Disneyland park. The bookings open 15 minutes before the opening of the meet & greet so for a meet and greet starting at 10am you need to be on the app shortly before 9:45am to try and get a slot. Slots go very fast. You can check during the day whether more slots become available but it’s unfortunately unlikely. Priority passes are not valid for characters that must be booked via Lineberty. You need to activate location services on your phone and be in close vicinity to the parcs to be able to book. You can book from the Disney hotels or from the parcs. If you don’t have data on your phone don’t worry, you can use the park/hotel WiFi.

For the other scheduled characters you will see parasols or canopies with a sign where the meet is planned, just queue there. When the queue has reached full capacity, a CM will close the line and you won’t be able to join the queue.

Princess Pavilion is a very popular spot to meet the princesses so if you intend to go you are advised to go during EMH. The queue can easily be 90 minutes in the middle of the day.


Scheduled meet & greets at the Disney hotels

Disney hotel guests can meet a character every morning in/near the lobby of their hotel, generally between 8:30am and 10am. You will be given all the details at check-in. Characters change every day and rotate between the hotels but you are likely to see Mickey, Goofy or Pluto.

Disneyland Paris have been trialling meet & greets that are linked to the theme of the hotel. At the Cheyenne Hotel you can currently meet Woody or Jessie from Toy Story in the morning.

There is also another trial currently running at the Newport Bay Hotel where hotel guests will need to book their meet & greet on the Lineberty app.

Make sure to double check during your hotel check-in where the characters will be, at what time, and how to access them.

Unscheduled characters meet & greets

There are unscheduled characters popping out into the park every day. Make sure you follow ED92 on Twitter and Facebook to learn about these in real time. These characters are usually out for a limited time only so be quick to join the queue if you see them!

In addition to all these options to meet & greet characters, you will have many opportunities to spot characters:

  • In the daily Disney stars on parade, with special guests on Tuesdays
  • In the shows at Walt Disney Studios (for example you can see Belle at the Mickey and the Magician show) – detailed in the programme
  • During seasonal parades and shows – detailed in the programme
  • At the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show in the Village

If you are an annual pass holder you will also be given access to special events where some of the less common characters have their own meet & greets.


Whichever option you chose, you will have many opportunities to meet characters.

  • Meals with characters – book via the dining line +33160304050
  • Scheduled meet & greets with characters in the parks – check out the weekly programme online or at the parks
  • Scheduled meet & greets with characters at the hotels for hotel guests
  • Unscheduled meet & greets in the parks – follow ED92 on social media to get the alerts

Send us the pictures of your favourite encounters!

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