• 29 May 2020

How to make your very own Minnie ears headband!

Blue headband

While the Disney parks around the world are closed, why not have a go at making your own ear headband? It can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. You can make ears that require no sewing whatsoever, or you can make a pair that does require sewing. Most people opt for the no sewing, however having tried that approach and finding it doesn’t work for me, I prefer to sew. So here is a step by step guide on how to make an ear headband, which includes the use of sewing.


1.First things first, you’re going to need to make sure you have all the equipment you’ll require to make the headband. For that you need a hair band, fabric, 2 foam sheets, scissors, needle and thread, glue gun, and soft toy filling.

Requirend equipment

2.Make a template for your ears. You can find templates online, just print one off, cut it out and hey presto you have a template. But if you don’t have a printer, you can simply draw around a roll of tape as this tends to be big enough. My template is actually one of my foam cut outs.

Ear template

3. Place your template on the foam sheets, if you have A5 size foam sheets you will need 2 sheets, if you have A4 size you will only need one. Take a pen and draw around the template, and then cut out around the markings you have just made. These foam pieces will become the stability of the ears.

4. Next, take your template and place it on your chosen fabric. I have decided to go with a royal blue velvet, but for your first pair I would actually suggest using a brighter colour so you can see your pen line. Draw around the template again, however this time you need to make sure it is a fair size bigger than the template. Around 2cm at most. Once you’ve done that, cut out the shapes from the fabric. You’ll need to do this four times.

5. Now at this point, you have two options. If you want to just use the velvet or if you’re using cotton that’s fine. But if you want a sparkly sequin pair of ears like I have opted for here, then take you’ll need sequin fabric, lay it face down, and then lay your other fabric that you have already cut also face down, on top of the sequin fabric. This is where the first part of the sewing comes in. Using a thread as close in colour to possible as the fabric you’re using, just make a simple running stitch around the edge of the ear, and tie it off once you have finished, and then cut around the ear shape. Once again you’ll need to do this four times.

6. Now that you have four pieces, it’s time to turn them into two ears! For this you need to make sure the ears are inside out so place the 2 outer sides – the sequin sides, facing each other. Fold the outer edges back slightly and stitch them together, going all the way around the outer rim of the ears, but make sure to leave the bottom part.

7. Once you have 2 ears, turn them the right way round, and take the 2 of the foam pieces you cut earlier. Insert those foam pieces into one of the ears and then take the soft toy filling, and begin stuffing the ears. Make sure you don’t get any stuffing between the two foam sheets.

8. Once you have the required padding for your ears, fold the bottom part of the fabric inwards, and sew them closed. If you feel you need to add more stuffing or take some away you can do this as you go.


9. Now that you have 2 ears it’s time to work on the headband itself. Take a strip of fabric that matches what you have made the ears with, and either sew it, to the headband, or glue it with a hot glue gun. Again I find sewing it easier. Here I have used my sequin fabric. You also need to make sure that your headband is comfortable and isn’t going to get tangled in your hair so take a piece of another fabric, again I used the blue velvet fabric that I used previously, and sew it to the inside of the hair band.

10. Now it’s time to attach the ears to the head band. But where to place them? Well, for that, I grab one of my pairs of parks ears and use them to line up where the ears should go. Once you know, begin sewing from the outside, coming up the headband. Make sure you sew through the fabric on the headband and through the ear. Or if you prefer not to, you can simply use a hot glue gun to stick the ear on. I know for a fact that the official parks ears are both sewn and glued on.

11. Time to work on your bow. Now, the bow I used for this pair I picked out from some bows I made at an earlier date, so just to show you how to do it here are a few photos showing a different bow. Just cut out a rectangular shape of fabric. A little bigger that A4 size. Place it face down, and length ways fold the 2 sides into the middle, and then width ways again fold the two sides into the middle and then sew together. Next, imagine you’re making a paper fan, folding the bow, and use a quick stitch to hold the centre in place. Then using another small strip of fabric, wrap around the centre and sew into place. Again a hot glue gun can be used for this.

12. Either sew the bow or hot glue it to the centre of the headband between the 2 ears. I prefer to sew, but you can even do both for extra stability.

13. You now have a pair of ears. But, what if you feel you’d like to cover up the outer seam? Well, don’t panic. You can take some trimming or a ribbon or sequins, anything really, and hot glue gun it into place. I start by glueing some trimming to the outside of each ear, and then I glue around the bottom of the ears where they meet the headband.

14. Finally, if you really want to, using the hot glue gun, stick the bow to the ears in certain places, such as at the bottom to cover the part where the trimming starts.


The headband is complete

Congratulations you now have your very own home made mouse ears headband!



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