• 29 May 2020

Introduction to scrapbooking: create your souvenir photo album

What is scrapbooking? 

As its name may suggest, scrapbooking is a method of preserving, presenting, and arranging personal and family memories (often your most beautiful pictures) in a funny and creative way, in the form of a book (or other support).

What about making together a little keepsake to store your precious Disneyland memories?


Scrapbooking livret terminé

Material required:

  • 2 grey cardboard sheets 15 x 10 cm (a cereal or rice box could also work as it will be covered with our design!);
  • a piece of printed paper or fabric, roughly A4 size;
  • watercolour paper, or drawing paper, as many 15×20.5cm sheets as the number of pages needed in your photo album (here I have 4) ;
  • glue: vinyl glue, glue stick or liquid glue;
  • a few pegs to help with assembly;
  • 10 x 15 cm portrait format photos (classic format)

That’s all it will take to create the base structure!


Step 1: create the covers

Cut 2 rectangles of 13 x 18 cm out of the piece of printed paper/tissue, and stick a cardboard sheet in the centre of each rectangle. 




Then cut the corners as shown in photo 2 below.




Then fold over and glue, starting with the straight edges (photo 3), then the bevelled edges (photo 4).

Leave to dry (you can use clothes pegs to keep the assembly in place while it dries).

Step 2: preparing the pages

Fold the 15 x 20.5 cm papers in the longest length to 10 cm and 10.5 cm (photos 5 and 6).

Glue the photos on each double page. You can paste 2 per double page, or just one and create a decorating page on the opposite side. It’s up to you depending on your material and your handicraft aspirations! (photo 7)

Put together the double pages by gluing them back to back (photos 8 and 9).

Step 3: gluing the cover

From the scraps of your printed paper/tissue, cut out a rectangle 15 cm x (the thickness of your edge + 2 cm); the thickness of the edge depending on the number of pages in your album. For me, with 4 pages, I have a 2 cm side, so I cut a 15 x 4 cm piece of printed paper.

Glue this paper on both sides of the slice, to “hide” it, as in photo 10.




Then I have to glue the 2 covers on top, on each side (photo 11).




You get a very simple album containing your most beautiful photos!


Scrapbooking livret terminé


Nothing stops you, if you wish, to decorate the cover with a title, a picture, stamps…

If you like scrapbooking, you can find very well-made starter kits in hobby shops like Hobbycraft. You will also find on the net many tutorials that will allow you to discover the many techniques to learn how to integrate in your pages inking and watercolour work and thus enhance your creations.

As an example, I have integrated the small album that we made above in a more complex structure, including a pocket to put the tickets for the Park, and pages decorated with various inking techniques.

Here is the result:

Scrapbooking gros album

So, does it make you want to try it?



Great lover of the Disney universe, I live my passion throughout the year since I work listening to ED92radio and I go to Disneyland Paris several times a year. I also had the chance to visit American Disney parks and to go on vacation with Mickey several times on board the Disney Cruise Line boats. So it was only natural that I wanted to join the ED92 team as a blog editor in February 2020, to share with you my experience and my passion for this magical universe.

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