• 4 July 2020

Make You Own Disney DIY Candle Holder

Make this Disney DIY candle holder project with just 4 things! Use a Disney colouring page in a totally new way to bring your own tiny Illuminations to life, or follow your own inspiration…

Finished candle holder

How to Make Your Own Disney Lantern

Here’s what you need:

  • Permanent marker like a Sharpie
  • An empty glass jar
  • An LED tealight
  • A Disney colouring page or your own design

I’ve used a simple Sleeping Beauty’s Castle design, but you could make it as fancy as you like. Add a swirling snowflake ‘frame’, recreate Rapunzel’s glowing lanterns in beautiful detail, light up Tatooine’s moons… You can really get creative!

Find a Tiny Picture

The picture I used is about 4.5 cm x 6 cm, but you can cover more of the jar.

I used the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle logo from the Disneyland Paris At Home colouring pages so it was already small…

You can easily change the size of a bigger picture. Just download, paste it into a Word document and drag to reduce the size until it’ll fit.

Prepare the Jar

First things first, make sure your LED tealight will fit in your new candle holder! Because that would be a really annoying mistake.

Make sure you’ve washed off the label, including any glue or sticky stuff. You don’t want it getting in the way of your design.

Once it’s totally dry, hold or tape your picture inside the jar.

Image into the jar

Leave a 1 cm gap at the base so your design catches the light (remember the LED candle base will take up space at the bottom of the jar).

Disney Colouring Time!

Now, make sure your family or flatmates don’t disturb you for a minute. You need to concentrate!

Carefully trace the outline of your colouring page design with your permanent pen. Because it’s permanent, you might need some creative cover-up solutions if things go wrong… but it’ll be fine, you’ve totally got this!

Tracing the outline

You don’t need any fancy materials for this project, though, so don’t worry too much if things go wrong. If the worst happens, well… I guess you’ll just have to eat more jam to get another empty jar?

Personalise It!

Want to keep it simple? That’s absolutely fine! Want to personalise your design with extra features? Well, now’s your chance!

Add fireworks to your castle, stars in the night sky, inspiring Disney song lyrics… I used black pen for the main design and silver permanent marker to add dots around the castle.

You could even use different coloured markers to turn an outline into stained glass. Actually, that idea sounds tempting, that’ll probably be my next project!

It’s Time for a Light Show!

Great work, you did it!

Candle lit in the candle holder

Add your LED light to your new candle holder. Then turn out the lights and switch it on for your very own Disney DIY magic!



I’m Jane, a Fantasyland girl whose favourite park music is Grim Grinning Ghosts - because even the spooky things are delightful in Disneyland Paris. I want to help other fans find that Disney sparkle through ED92!

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