A Marvel Decor at home

Marvel Logo

At home, we like the MCU. Really like. Really really like !

When we had to rethink the office decor, we immediately went for a Marvel theme. It’s nothing extraordinary, just a combination of different decorative elements. Here are the different decorations we were able to gather when we chose this theme!

decorative elements

On the first section of the wall we installed a trio of shelves bought on Amazon. These shelves are used to display Marvel Funko Pops, purchased from Noz (Hela, Spider-Man) or Amazon. We found the small poster on Alieexpress.

Underneath, the Thanos drinking glove, which was sold at Disneyland Paris during the 1st edition of the Marvel season is placed next to a Groot plant pot found on Amazon (I don’t have green fingers, the pot is small so the plants don’t last long …).

decor marvel
decorative elements

On another part of the wall, we put a very large poster found on Alieexpress (it is cut into 8 parts and aligning them correctly was not a simple matter). It is positioned next to Marvel Mickey ears that we were lucky enough to win during a Disneyland Paris photo contest on twitter. We also hung a led lamp from the base of the room’s roller shutter.

On a small school desk, we put a Mjölnir and some characters. Iron man, Spiderman and Captain are from Action, as well as Black Panther which is too big compared to the others (but we do what we can lol). Hulk was found at a flea market and Thor is a character from the Disney game Infinity bought second hand on Vinted.

The Captain America cushion comes from Primark and the Ant-Man cushion cover from Alieexpress.

Cushions Marvel
various decorations
marvel posters
various decorations

We found the two big Hulk and Spiderman posters on the EMP website. They are nice dimensions (they hide the paint defects! super handy!). The small Iron man vintage version poster comes from Alieexpress and is A4 size, as well as the Avengers sticker, the characters are from Disneyland Paris and the Mjölnir is from Amazon.

Under the Avengers sticker we have hung frames sold on Amazon. They feature a whole panel of ‘autographed frames’ from the MCU or elsewhere. The characters Captain and Spiderman in the bottom left corner were found at Action. They are in fact 3D puzzles. The frame is a small DIY made by the children for last year’s Father’s Day. It’s very easy to make: an empty frame that you paint, some Lego Marvel characters, scrabble letters and a small piece of paper with qualities associated with each character (daddy you’re stronger than the Hulk, braver than Captain America … ).

To decorate the desk, I use a Thor mug that I bought at Disneyland Paris as a pencil case. The small notebook, the travel mug and the mobile phone holder are also part of the prize won in last year’s photo contest. The rubbish bin and office organizers are from Action. I customized the desk organizers by doing a little “decopatch” and sacrificing a Marvel comic to stick on them.

marvel elements
decorative elements
marvel home decor
marvel home decor

Here is what the decor looks like amid other items. At home, Hulk rubs shoulders with Peppa Pig, and Thor is the Paw Patrol’s buddy. That’s what it’s like when the office is also a playroom…

Real size Thor figure

I’ll just have to acquire this REAL SIZE THOR figure… but I’m not sure if Mr. would be OK with that!

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