• 5 July 2020

Our test: Vegetarian food at Disneyland Paris

Across its two parks and its shopping and dining hub, Disneyland Paris offers a wide range of foods with the aim of there being something for everyone.
On my last trip I was lucky enough to travel with a friend who is a vegetarian, which gave me an excellent insight as to the quality and range of the vegetarian food Disneyland Paris has to offer.
The plan was to try one quick service, one buffet service, and one table service meal.
When looking at the menus for the various restaurants and eateries at Disneyland Paris, it surprised me to see just how little of a vegetarian offering there actually is in the parks in particular.
The multiple quick service locations in particular are extremely limited. Some of them either offer no vegetarian option at all, or you have to ask them if they have a vegetarian option. However they don’t specifically state on the menus that a vegetarian option is available on request. In fact of all of the quick service menus, the only one that clearly states in obvious writing that a vegetarian burger is available on request, is Lucky Nugget; which is actually a table service restaurant at quick service price.
The places we chose to eat at on our visit were Plaza Gardens Restaurant, Planet Hollywood, and Earl of Sandwich.

Plaza Gardens Restaurant dining room

Originally we had planned to try the Lucky Nugget Saloon, however for a similar price, a very similar offering was available over at Planet Hollywood.
Our first restaurant was Plaza Gardens, our buffet service choice. Although I am not a vegetarian, I am perfectly happy eating vegetarian foods, and so had no problem stockpiling my plate with every vegetarian food on offer so that I myself could give a review on this one.
With offerings such as pan fried vegetables, string beans, pasta with ricotta cheese and tomato sauce, rice, fried sliced potatoes, cheese pizza, salads and breads; both of us felt that the vegetarian options here were nothing short of amazing. All very tasty, all very balanced and varied and as it’s a buffet, very well stocked.
Vegetarian food at Plaza Gardens, rice, cauliflower, pan fried vegetable, green beans
Our next restaurant was Planet Hollywood over in the Disney Village. Now I have to say, I did not try the vegetarian food here although I wish I had. Usually when I visit here I go for the fajitas, as I find them to be amazing and something that I really enjoy. They’re definitely something I would recommend, both the vegetarian and non vegetarian versions. This time however I went for something completely different as the photos of it had caught my eye, and as this is to review the vegetarian food I won’t be going into detail of what I ate in this article. My friend however ordered the veggie burger.
After an extremely short wait for our food, one look at this veggie burger and you could see that it was extremely dry, with not even any sauce. Just a dry bun, with a dry burger, and shredded lettuce. It didn’t look very appetising at all, and my friend certainly did not enjoy eating it. So I have to say the vegan burger at Planet Hollywood is definitely a miss. However the Sizzling fajitas I can say from experience are definitely worth a try. Finally onto our last stop.
McDonald's at Disney Village
After the Planet Hollywood fiasco, my friend was pretty set on McDonalds as she knew exactly what she’d be getting, however I managed to convince her to give the menu over at Earl of Sandwich a look. Just reading some of the vegetarian offerings here was an instant hit, and in we went. Once again I didn’t order a vegetarian option here. My friend however ordered the veggie sandwich, which had Feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, roasted bell peppers, and ranch dressing in. Of all of the locations we are at on this trip, this was my friend’s favourite. The price was also a bonus. Under €12 for a sandwich, a snack and a drink. By far the cheapest and best value on property that we had found. I think on future trips, this will probably become a daily stop for us.
Vegan menu at Earl of Sandwich
Overall, Disneyland Paris does offer a vast array of vegetarian food, but we felt that its quick service options in particular were very limited. Yes there were plenty of snacks at snack kiosks, which is great. But in the winter when you want to go inside and sit down in the warm for a while, we felt that the options were nowhere near as good as they could be. But with the growing popularity of vegetarian and vegan food, surely it can’t be long until we start seeing more and more options popping up that are appealing both to look at and eat.

We love :

We don’t like :

  • The variety available at the kiosks around the parks.
  • Not enough available at quick service locations.
  •  The variety available in buffet locations.
  • Not enough information on the app about where to get vegetarian snacks.
  • Earl of Sandwich.
  • Planet Hollywood vegan burger
  • The fact that at certain table service locations, the vegetarian menu is listed before anything else, making it very visible.
  • Not enough variety at quick service locations.
  • Fair pricing at buffet and table service locations.
  • Pricing at mainly quick service locations.

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