Reopening of Disneyland Paris: our thoughts

Disneyland Paris reopened its doors for preview on Monday 13tg July for annual pass holders, and since Wednesday 15th July for everyone!

This week, our editors were very present in the Park and give you their thoughts today: health measures, queues, constraints, positive or negative experiences, we asked them a series of questions so that you can discover how our team felt when they returned to Disneyland Paris for this reopening!

Arrival at Disneyland Paris

Arrival at the Park

Did you wait longer or shorter than usual to go through security checks at the entrance?

By all accounts, a very quick access to the parks! A rather effective security check, and the scanning annual passes, tickets and QR codes to check reservations is very fast!

“I hardly waited for the security check. People are there to show us where to go to avoid being bunched up. So it was a pretty smooth passage. “Nicolas


Disney Village entrance

Did you have a feeling of change when you arrived at the Park?

Now clearly we have two opinions!

  • Those who think that the Park hasn’t changed at all.
    • “The security measures blend in perfectly with the decor and go unnoticed.” Alice
    • “When I arrived, not really a feeling of change. I felt joy and lightness in spite of the masks thanks to the welcome of Mickey and Minnie” Sandra
  • And those who, on the contrary, have the impression that the Park has taken advantage of these few months of stopover to touch up its beauty…
    • “Yeah, like everything’s been rebuilt from scratch.” Celine
    • “Everything has been adapted so that we can stroll in the park without endangering ourselves. There’s also a lot more life, I was here when the park closed in March, and I’m happy to see that there’s a lot of excitement again. The fact that there are also characters who are everywhere towards the entrance brings a feeling of renewal.” Nicolas

General thoughts

Were the waiting times at the attractions pleasant compared to a normal month of July?

There, it’s unanimous !!! Yes it’s nice, very very nice indeed!!!

“The waiting times are exceptionally short compared to any other day in the park. Peter Pan – 5 Minutes, BTM just passing by without waiting, TOT 10 Minutes … It feels like a fast pass for every attraction”. Sara

big thunder mountain
Big Thunder Mountain : waiting times exceptionally short

Did you have a nice day? How do you feel about going back to the park?

All in all, everybody had a great day! Certainly some apprehensions before coming, in relation to the health situation, but the doubts were quickly dispelled by the excellent organisation on site. The only real negative point seems to be the mask…

“I had two great days, the first was a day based on attractions, the second was a day based on photo locations and Magic shots.  I was able to test a maximum of things that were offered to us. It’s really a special feeling for me, between the fact of having rediscovered a very old friend, apprehension, I was afraid that we would lose the magic that we all like in the park. But on the whole, it’s really a very, very good feeling that comes out of it.” Nicolas

“Very good despite some apprehension before coming. There’s a sense of security.” Gillian.

“Yes, I had a good day. It felt like home coming back from vacation, you have to find your bearings.” Celine

“We had a great day. Lots of characters here and there.  The new experiences of meeting in selfie are quite nice and we had the opportunity to see rarer characters. Little waiting. The casts who seemed happy to see the park alive again” Sandra


What do you think could be improved? Did you have a negative experience today? 

No real negative points to report.

We did note some small problems of crowds at times in restaurants, shops that offered sales / private sales.

As for improvements that would benefit from being considered, our editors are not short of ideas!

  • special areas similar to the smoking areas where visitors could take off their masks for a few minutes in case of discomfort
  • better brightness at the “Meet Mickey” level, as the low light in the theatre makes it difficult to take quality pictures
  • better signage to indicate that some restaurants are closed, one of our editors saw a family spend many minutes choosing from a menu posted outside, only to finally realise that the restaurant was closed when they tried to push the door open.

“There should be areas where guests can breathe without the mask for a few minutes, similar to smoking areas such as simple squares on the floor where you can stand and breathe away from others.” Celine

“Nothing negative today. It takes a little time to get used to the sanitary measures: going into the shops, the signs on the ground … but it’s adopted very, very quickly.” Sandra

Smoking area

Health measures

Are the health measures easy to understand and comply with?

The answer is unanimous: YES! All the instructions are clearly indicated, they are repeated regularly in the park’s loudspeakers, and the cast-members are there to remind you of them as well. Impossible not to understand them!

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Everything is very simple, there are hydroalcoholic gel dispensers everywhere, markings on the ground to stick to your square for your group and not to get too close, honestly I even think it’s something to keep for the future in order to keep people in check. For once I haven’t been rushed all day and it really enhances the experience in the park. Then several times during the day we heard messages with the health instructions, which is a little reminder in case we forget.” Sandra

“Yes, everything is generally well explained and at eye level. There are gel dispensers everywhere so that you always have something to disinfect your hands with as soon as you touch something.” Céline

Did the sanitary measures prevent you from experiencing this day in good conditions?

The answer again is unanimous: the only measure that has been a real burden is wearing a face mask… Of course everyone understands and accepts its use, but it’s true that a whole day with the mask, when you walk, when you laugh, it’s long… especially if it’s a hot day….

“Wearing the mask made me feel uncomfortable in a queue in the sun, the air became suffocating. But once I got out of that queue, everything got better.” Celine

“Yes, wearing a mask outside was clearly an inconvenience.” Alice.

“We’re not going to hide that wearing a mask when it’s very hot is quickly unbearable, sometimes it’s very hot and very humid. But it is a question of health and we must not depart from it.” Nicolas


On the whole, are guests respecting the instructions?

Another collegial answer: YES! Apart from a few rebellious behaviours, globally all our reporters have noticed the same thing: the vast majority of visitors respect all health measures, which contributes greatly to creating a feeling of security within the park! When a person does not respect, a mask worn under the nose or too short a distance in the queues for example, the cast-members present react immediately to explain again and enforce the measures.

“Strangely enough, I haven’t seen anyone without a mask” Gillian

“Yes, I’ve seen very few people take their masks off in the park. The only time we saw people without masks was at snack/meal time.” Nicolas.


How do you feel about the characters meets? 

Opinions are divided, although rather positive. All in all, all our editors were happy to be able to get close to the characters, even from a distance, despite the health crisis. The “selfie” mode is very effective, there is little waiting time, everyone takes their photo in a good mood. Perhaps an idea to be perpetuated over time?

A positive point also is the variety of characters you can meet: some good surprises!

Daisy at Disneyland Paris

Small downside nevertheless especially for the children, who can not cuddle their favourite characters …

“I think that’s the best they can do in this situation. But it can be difficult for children to meet their favourite character and stay away from them. There are random characters and rarer ones – it’s a good mix.” Sara

“All right, we can take pictures of them without hugging.” Gillian.

“To be honest, it’s heartbreaking, not being able to be hugged by characters is not the same, but there are so many characters out there that we’re really happy to be able to go around the park to see all the characters.” Nicolas

A great variety of characters you can meet

Did you eat at a restaurant, if yes, did you enjoy the new services offered?

Editors who ate at snack bars and fast food restaurants did not notice any major change.

Others who tested restaurants that previously offered all-you-can-eat buffets were not satisfied with the new “à l’assiette” formula (food served in preset assortment on plates) .

“For the Plaza garden, you lose the charm of the all-you-can-eat buffet. You end up with ready-made plates, which is a huge waste when you don’t like part of the plate. And not being able to choose only what you like.” Nicolas 


What’s next?

Are you already planning to come back, or do you plan to come back later, when conditions have returned to normal?

Most of our editors have already booked a next date! 🙂

“Yes, we’ll be back in a month or so. The only reason why we would cancel would be if it’s too hot: too restrictive with the mask.” Sandra

“I’ll be back in September! ” Sara

” My future dates are already booked ” Celine


Would you recommend to come?

All the editors agree that people who wish to come to Disneyland Paris during this particular time must come with full knowledge of the facts: the experience is somewhat altered by the lack of parade, fireworks, rethought character encounters, health measures that must be complied with.

A family coming to the park for the first time would therefore have a skewed view of what the Disneyland Paris experience can be like. 

“If they are willing to respect the measures in place, everything should go very well! ” Celine

“In spite of everything, without a parade, without a closing show, without a show and without a classic encounter the magic disappears a little. Unaccustomed guests might be disappointed and perceive Disney falsely.  If their goal is only the ride and the attractions, the health situation doesn’t change anything if not less people. On the other hand, if they expect magic, shows etc. they may be disappointed.” Sandra

“I don’t recommend it for beginners. I think these days are for people who want to see another side of the parks. People who want to take great pictures without any other visitors or who want to do Big Thunder Mountain 10 times in a row. You can’t feel all the magic of these days and the atmosphere is different than usual. It would be sad if this is the first impression because it doesn’t show the full potential of a Disney trip.” Sara

Which piece of advice would you give to the people who will be going to the Park in the coming days / weeks?

Various and varied advice! But only one must-do: have fun!

“There is no magic without you! Follow the movement and have fun! The CMs are doing their best to create our beloved magical atmosphere and each of us can support them.” Sara

“Taking food and water gives you a chance to take off your mask. Plan several masks.” Gillian.

“Have fun, it’s the place where anything goes, where dreaming isn’t forbidden. Have fun with your outfits too, I took a simple pleasure in adapting my masks to my outfits so that the negative becomes positive ” Nicolas

mickey minnie
Mickey, Minnie and their friends saying goodbye at the end of the day

Any particular comment? 

All our editors wish to underline the extreme enthusiasm and kindness of the cast members! Congratulations to them for allowing us to have a pleasant stay and to make sure that we spread the magic again!

“I am really positively surprised by the reception from the CMs, they are very pleasant and they listen even more than usual” Gillian.

“I had a great time, but I think what touched me the most was arriving at Disneyland Paris and being greeted by all the characters, it really warmed my heart. To think that after 4 months of closure, they’re still there with the same enthusiasm and the same joy is priceless, and it preserves us a little bit from the outside world. Then when you’re in the park, think back to Walt Disney’s line, it all started with a mouse.” Nicolas.

So, when’s your next trip to the park? 🙂  

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