Reopening of PanoraMagique

The news is out: the PanoraMagique balloon will resume its flights as of 15th July 2020! We would like to thank the Aerophile Group, owner and operator of the PanoraMagique balloon and its cousin “Characters in Flight” at Walt Disney World, for inviting us to witness the change of the balloon’s envelope and its inflation. 

Should you want further information about the PanoraMagique ballon, do not hesitate to visit our guide, or directly the balloon website,

The balloon

Impossible not to notice this tethered balloon flying at an altitude of 100 meters in the blue sky of Disneyland Paris when the wind speed is less than 35 km/hour. Some of you will have already had the opportunity to see it from inside the park, or even from the highway! It is easily recognisable by its colours and design, which are specially chosen by Disney. 

Every year, a watertightness and net resistance test is carried out to guarantee the safety of the passengers. Then every 5 to 6 years, the envelope of the balloon is changed. Last January, the balloon stopped its activity to change its envelope, with a reopening planned for March 20. Unfortunately, confinement measures interrupted these operations. 

The envelope change

But today it’s time to get back to work! And this cannot be done in one day, because the envelope weighs 900 kg, with a wingspan of 22.5 metres, which is the equivalent of an 8-storey building! 

It takes 5 to 6 hours to inflate the envelope, because it takes no less than 6,000 cubic metres of helium to make it fly. 

This new envelope consists of a brand new lower part with brand new characters that will fly in your company! They are Tinkerbell (it’s technically impossible to fly without Tinkerbell), Peter Pan, Jasmine and Aladdin flying on the Carpet, Buzz Lightyear, and Dumbo! 

The upper part comes straight from Orlando! Indeed, it is the former envelope of the American counterpart of our PanoramaMagique balloon, “Characters in Flight”, flying over the Walt Disney World Park.

Then comes the basket! Still bright red with the golden silhouette of the balloon on its walls, it consists of 8 parts. It is a panoramic gondola allowing its passengers to admire the entire resort from the sky, for impressive photos and visibility of up to 20 kilometres or more! It can usually accommodate 30 people.


Like any vehicle in France, the PanoraMagic balloon has the right to its own registration! The F stands for France, the H means that it complies with e regulations for aircraft having their home aerodrome in metropolitan France, and DSY means DiSneY!

Health measures

PanoraMagique will resume its activities on 15th July 2020, but in compliance with the following health measures:

  • First of all, the boarding and offloading of the basket will take place through two separate doors. The basket will be regularly disinfected.
  • Of the 8 parts making the basket, 2 will be out of service.
  • The capacity of the gondola will be reduced to 20 people per trip. However, if 3 families of 4 people occupy the balloon, no other person will be allowed and the maximum capacity will be considered as reached.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel will be available.
  • Passengers will be required to wear a mask throughout the flight.
  • Movement will not be allowed in the basket in order to avoid crossings.

Inflation of the balloon

It’s time to inflate the PanoraMagique balloon ! Once again, we would like to thank Aerophile for allowing us to attend this unique and impressive event!

Bonus !

We had the great pleasure to receive this picture of the illuminated balloon, at night! Thanks again to Aérophile and the PanoraMagique Balloon! 

Translated from French to English by DIsneyMum

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