• 4 July 2020

Review: Disney Castle Collection

Someday my castle will come, someday we’ll find our love anew (or not)

This year Shop Disney is honouring us with a limited edition about the castles of our favourite cartoons. 

Every other month the shop will offer us a new series of products related to a castle. You will be able to find a luxury figurine and other theme-related products. Disney thus offers us to start collecting in order to bring back the magic.

The first series is around Cinderella, and what a beginning! For this series the collection is made of Cinderella’s castle figurine in resin, a miniature castle decoration, a puzzle, a notebook and a pin.  

The prices not being super affordable, I decided to fall in love only with the castle, and which castle, the one of my favourite cartoon.

I just received it, and what a (bad) surprise!

Maybe I was expecting a little too much from this purchase, which, all things considered, is very expensive. It will therefore cost 135 euros for a castle of about thirty centimetres high. I was expecting something a little more imposing given the price. Being a regular buyer of the figurines and statuettes offered at Disneyland Paris, I was expecting a quality of design at least equivalent.

Small detail and not the least, the castle lights up, you will have to arm yourself with a small cross-headed screwdriver to insert the batteries (supplied) and let the magic take over the castle. What had I just done there…

At first glance, even if the paint finishes are not perfect, the colours chosen are garish to say the least, the light effects are turned ugly by the traces of glue on the transparent plastic staging the inside of the castle.

Should we talk about the silhouettes of the Prince and Cinderella? Yes, I think we should. The sticker used to represent the mythical couple is like the rest… disappointing. It’s not even cut out right.

For 135 euros, should we be getting a figurine worthy of a counterfeit from Aliexpress? No, we don’t. I’m usually very good audience and I’m clearly disappointed by my investment. You can’t decently sell such a product at such a high price. ShopDisney should revise the price down in view of the finishes and quality of the product. 

Let’s talk about the packaging, which I think is very important when buying a product of this value. It’s really basic. It’s a vulgar cardboard box with a low quality design. I think that when a collector acquires a “luxury” product, he expects to have the same reaction as a child unwrapping a Christmas present.

In a few days, the new edition of the Disney Castle collection will be released, which will honour (or not) the wonderful castle of Arendelle. The first visuals have been unveiled, and I’m worried we’ll find ourselves facing the same kind of finishing touches. I thought I was going to spend my savings this year in this series, but here I am, let it go, let it go, won’t buy any more… 

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The idea behind the collectionThe finishing
The selected themesThe packaging
The size
The price
The Brussels sprouts 😂


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