• 3 June 2020

Review – Star Wars, Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (A Review without spoilers)

Star Wars, Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (A Review without spoilers)

We saw the film at the cinema: UGC Normandie (Champs Élysée Paris 8ème)

Projection was a digital version (2D) in VOSTFR

“The strength will always be in you”, is how the film concludes the new trilogy started in 2015, following the acquisition of LucasFilm by The Walt Disney Company.

I’m not a fan of Star Wars and its universe. My opinion on the film will be based solely on my personal feelings, while taking into account the films of the original trilogy (episode 4 to 6) and those of the prologue trilogy (episode 1 to 3).

The previous episode, “The Last Jedi”, left me hungry or even frustrated, despite Rian Johnson’s work, which I salute for taking risks but found uneven. So I had no particular expectations regarding the 9th part of the saga. But at the end of the screening: Wow!!!!!

However, the task for director J.J. Abrams was not simple; it was probably the most complicated Star Wars film to make because his vision is the opposite of that of Rian Johnson. He even addresses a spade as he passes.

There are a lot of things I liked. But the first half of the film is so mired in its development that the new plot could have been the subject of another trilogy on its own. (We feel it was clearly to save the trilogy.)

Several wishes are simply not being followed (fans had expectations but the studios didn’t follow them, so some won’t find it worth it), a fan service that won’t work for everyone, and inconsistent details that haven’t been fixed.

But the second half of the film turns out to be a wonderful finale, I had tears in my eyes. The atmosphere of the film is dark and frightening (No wonder Disney advises against the film for the most epileptics). I’ve never seen that in a Star Wars movie before.

The battle scenes, whether it is aerial battles or even lightsaber battles, are worthy of a breathtaking finale. I welcome the making of the film.

I also welcome the nostalgic and moving moments that conclude the saga in a final way.

Finally, I would say that the film will divide, whether for good or evil. But the film will have the merit of concluding a long saga, spread over several generations of viewers with a “goodbye” worthy of one of the most significant licenses in cinema. I shed my tears at the end of the film, thinking that the strength is still in us.

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