• 4 July 2020

Space Mountain: Mission 2 – let’s explore the universe!

The heart of Discoveryland is clearly Space Mountain (which is Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain now ;)). Even before entering the ride you can feel the electrifying atmosphere. The breathtaking building, with its futuristic steampunk theme, is wonderfully embedded in Discoveryland and lets you watch the launch of the rocket as you pass by. In addition to this you can hear the one or other screams of the adventurers ;).

For ten years you could experience the flight of Jule Verne from the earth to the moon, but in April 2005 it was time for a new mission. But where did Space Mountain Mission 2 took us to?

Until January 2017 Space Mountain: Mission 2 led us to a new galaxy at the edge of the universe. The highlight was a supernova, the last glow of a star that shines billions of times brighter until it finally collapses.

Those who were not scared (and were big enough) could dare to take off on a flight into the universe. On the way to the station you walked through corridors with dimmed light where you could admire pictures of numerous cosmic phenomena. Having reached the station of your silver rocket and taken your seat, the journey begins. Slowly you were driven up to the launch pad and you could hear the countdown 3,2,1 and there you go – shot into the universe at full speed (that can’t have been only about 70 km/h)!

Past black holes, meteorites and other celestial bodies, you experienced a journey through the universe at high speed. You definitely had to do this more than once to have really seen everything. You were shaken up and do several loops on your flight and at this fast pace you just had to scream with joy! What an adventure in only about 2 minutes!

A special audio system integrated into the individual cars of this roller coaster provided you with the right sound at every point during your flight ( By the way, Space Mountain was the first ride to use this special sound system). The soundtrack was written by Michael Giacchino and complements the wild ride perfectly.

Fun Fact: In the second-last room of the waiting area you could discover stars and celestial bodies on the ceiling. The numbers and letters you saw there are the dates of birth and initials of the involved imagineers.

Mission 2 was then replaced by Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain. After all, you always have to be ready for new adventures to create new unforgettable memories.



Walt Disney once said "That's the real trouble with the world. Too many people grow up." Fortunately I am not one of the adults and thanks to Disney I have never lost the child in me. Therefore I would like to take you on a journey full of magic, secrets and experiences that you will never forget. At Disneyland Paris, everyone can shake off the adult in them and become a child again, and I want to show you how and where this can best be done. So fill up your bubble guns and let's go to infinity and beyond.

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