• 4 July 2020

Star Wars HyperSpace Mountain

Hyperspace Mountain

Today we are going to play the comparison game with the other editors of ED92 and we are going to offer you on paper the 3 different versions of Space Mountain !

It’s quite funny to think that I’m the one in charge of writing about the last version of the famous attraction, while this one is giving me motion sickness with its course strewn with screens !

But never mind! Let’s go!


Space Mountain, standing on DiscoveryLand since June 1995 and until 2017, has offered two versions of Jules Verne’s universe. But in 2012, The Walt Disney Company bought from George Lucas the rights to the greatest cinematic saga ever created: STAR WARS, following with the release of a new trilogy of spins off (more or LESS successful, hello Solo). With the popular success of the franchise, it was normal, even written, that Disneyland Paris would offer a new Star Wars attraction to the resort’s visitors. So it was only natural that, rather than creating a new ride from scratch, they chose to theme the large steel dome of Discoveryland.

Launched on May 7, 2017 after 4 months of work (note the speed at which the work was done, usually to change 4 screens and paint 5 railings Disney would have taken at least 6-8 months), the ride is brought into modern culture, in the middle of a hyper star wars rebooted thanks to the movie releases in the cinemas, which quickly makes it one of the rides with the longest waiting times in the resort!


Hyperspace Mountain

Appearance and Modifications

The changes on the outside are minimal, the entrance portico and the gigantic posters being the only visual modifications made (easily interchangeable elements, so maybe a return of uncle Jules once the Star Wars land is open? #fingerscrossed).  

Inside, a bit more material changes, the paintings were redone to better fit the theme (and also because Mission 2 was getting a bit old, we’re not going to lie to ourselves), TV screens with an astronaut explaining the safety rules, and luminous posters with the plans of the battleships/transport ships of the universe. With regards to the queue, nothing has changed, and it’s only when we arrived at the central station that we realise the major change of the ride : the carts! 

For the Star Wars theme, they’ve been completely redesigned, from the silvery grey of Mission 2 to sky blue, royal blue, navy blue, or blue something x), the speakers have also been changed, offering a much better sound quality and not sizzling at all! They’re also a bit deeper, so it can be a bit harder to get out of them sometimes…

Hyperspace Mountain


For the ride journey, and this is the big black spot, nothing has changed on the ride. Fervent supporter of mission 2, I know the ride more or less by heart (left downhill, roll, uphill, left turn, uphill, right turn, etc.. and there, cruel disillusion, we are on the same ride, and ………………. the only novelty are the screens. There are a lot of them and unfortunately, I personally suffer from motion sickness. Basically, when I’m in any vehicle and I’m not looking at the road, well I get dizzy, cold sweats, and I have cotton legs for 15 minutes after the trip. And there, no luck, I’m a big fan of Star Wars, the universe, movies, some books too (not all, there are too many), but it is clear that the rides makes me feel “sick”, so when we are on the climb, in front of the imperial cruiser with Commander Akbar who says “pilot, we’ve spotted a cruiser”, I have to close my eyes for a little while to put my mind back in the right place otherwise it’s drama (I don’t even tell you about a winter where I chained Hyperspace and Star Tours in 10 minutes, I remained in safety position, with my knees up to my chest, in Discoveryland for an hour).

This is the big black spot of the ride in my opinion, and even if obviously we can’t decently ask DLP to build a papier-mâché replica of an imperial cruiser, the lack of “physical” object for an “all giant screen” bothers me, and I hope I’m not alone in my discomfort!

Hyperspace Mountain

In summary

All in all, what can I say? Hyperspace Mountain is the version I like the least of Space Mountain, more by the force of things than by real disagreement with the project, it remains a ride that I do at least once or twice each stay and its aura will always be special. After that, I’ll be transparent, even though I love Star Wars, I’m just waiting for one thing, it’s that the land is finished and that the persistent rumour about the temporality of Hyperspace is acted and that we find FINALLY mission 2, or why not Mission 3? 



In love with the Disney universe since my early childhood, I grew up with the books and VHS of the greatest classics. Over the years, the park has become, for me, my imaginary world and I literally need to come and recharge my batteries there several times a year. I joined ED92 in 2017 as a Live Reporter to share with you the magic I experience in the park. Fan of the buffets and title emeritus of ED92's biggest eater.

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