• 29 May 2020

Star Wars: May the force be with you

From January 11 to March 15, 2020, Disneyland Paris programmed a season of “Legends of the Force – A Star Wars Celebration”. The season was interrupted prematurely due to the health crisis we are going through.

Affiche de la saison des Légendes de la Force

This season is a winter classic at Walt Disney Studios Park since 2017, but let’s highlight the new features, improvements and references to the new episode of the saga: “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”. A look back at a season that finished too early. “A long time ago, in a galaxy far away…”

GIF de Dark Vador

Concretely, let’s take a look at the program that Disneyland Paris had concocted for us.

At the Walt Disney Studios, several highlights punctuate the day. There is a succession of Stormtroopers parades and shows within the Production Courtyard.

“The First Order Recruits” invites us to show our potential as future recruits of the First Order. The arrival of the Supreme Leader, Kylo Ren, on the small stage is quite impressive and I salute the work of the actors. This is a moment that is mainly meant to be a photo location for those lucky enough to be recruited. Come and explore your dark side with the worthy heir of Darth Vader! For my part, despite my smiles, grimaces of all kinds, and gesticulations, I was not chosen… The villain!

Kylo Ren cherche de nouvelles recrues pour le premier ordre

The Imperial March follows… It is a parade of Stormtroopers led by the charismatic Darth Vader. The parade through the Studios made me want to follow in tempo with the soundtrack.

La marche impériale de Dark Vador

Then came the First Order March. “Your attention must be on me. Believe me, ours is on you. It won’t be easy to destroy the Resistance, but it will be satisfying. Stand aside! “This parade of troopers, meanwhile, is led by the charismatic Captain Phasma. We enjoyed Phasma‘s costume. It’s very realistic.

First Order March

The 15-minute show “Legends of a Galaxy” brings together on stage all the key characters from the saga. The highlights of the episodes are then projected in music with the successive appearance of the protagonists on stage. I personally found this moment moving because it makes the link between past and present with the succession of the three trilogies.

Finally, in the evening (weather permitting), a sound and light show, “A Galactic Celebration” awaits you. A selection of key moments from the saga is then mapped on the Tower of Terror. The pyrotechnic effects are a feast for the eyes and ears. Several grandiose scenes will please the fans, for guaranteed thrills. The characters come back on stage for the grand finale. Our day at the Studios ends then…

Star Wars : A Galactic Celebration

A big positive to note is the immersive Star Wars musical atmosphere everywhere in the Studios, because when it comes to the decorations… it’s not really that…

With regards to character encounters: Chewbacca, the warrior, is waiting for us near Stitch Live; and if you’re lucky, Rey will honour you with her presence.

Rencontre avec Chewbacca

The mythical Darth Vader is still waiting for us at the Starport, in the heart of Discoveryland. I must admit that I’m always jumping when he suddenly arrives in the corridor.

Rencontre avec Dark Vador

When there is a season at Disneyland there is special merchandising too. On this occasion, we can say that the merchandising will not disappoint the visitors… Iconic lightsabers, models, clothes, masks, stuffed animals etc… The Studios are full of never seen before items and when at Discoveryland, especially when leaving Star Tours, don’t hesitate to extend the experience in the Star Traders shop. Young and old alike are sure to find what they are looking for, and the price ranges are wide. Let’s give in to the temptation of the dark side and warm up the credit card. I admit I almost fell for a Stormtrooper helmet. When you wake up not looking good, let’s just say it avoids the make-up session… Result of the races concerning me: a golden Star Wars T-shirt (too hot) and a Darth Vader sleepsuit for my godson.


Let’s now move on to the chapter on food, a chapter that with age interests me more and more, it’s true! For some time now, Disneyland has been committed to bringing a food offer that changes with the seasons, and that can be found in snack bars, restaurants and buffets. This delights visitors, but undoubtedly even more so the Pass holders, as it allows them to vary their culinary pleasures a little. So I was able to try out some of the dishes.

In the afternoon, I enjoyed the Stormtrooper cheese waffle at the Discoveryland snack bar.

I could also enjoy the menu with the Chewbacca burger at the studios (a bit spicy!!).

Chewbacca burger du restaurant En Coulisses

Let’s also note other favourites such as the Eclair of the galaxy with lemon, and the Chewbacca Coffee.

StarTours is putting the spotlight on the last part of the Star Wars saga with a new sequence that completes the multitude of already existing combinations.

Overall, I would say that I have been very pleased with this season. Despite the fact that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the saga, this season, I must say it converted me and I started to watch with interest all the episodes of the saga. In my opinion, the Legends of the Force season far surpasses the Frozen season. Too bad, I would have liked to participate in the last weekend to celebrate the end of the season but I didn’t have the time, since the park closed before the end of the season. I’m looking forward to the situation getting better, hoping for a new Legends of the Force season in the years to come, and I can’t wait to see the events that will be organised around the opening of our French version of Galaxy’s Edge .

On aime :On n’aime pas :
The proxmity of characters, especially stormtroopers during paradesDarth Vader meet & greet being in the other park, together with StarTours and Hyperspace Mountain (it breaks the flow to not have everything in the same place but we are used to it…)
The meet & greet with Kylo Ren and ReyEverything is outdoor which in winter in Paris is not such a great idea (plan warm and waterproof clothes!)
The relatively varied food offeringAn indoor show would be been greatly appreciated with a temperature of  0°C!
The overall atmosphere in The Studios
The organisation by the cast members


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