Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 on Disney Plus

Does Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 reveal any big secrets? The new Disney Plus documentary really does share some Disney insider knowledge, and even reveals some truly personal stories from the Frozen 2 stars and directors.

Into the Roy E. Disney Animation Building

Yes, we’re stepping through the doors! And into the meeting rooms, the animation studios… this documentary lets us sit in on a lot of stuff.

If you love drawing with real ink and paint then computer animation can feel like a totally different art form. But in Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 you can see the animators and artists at work – and those techniques are closer than ever.

They’ve also devised some interesting techniques for character animation. How do you make sure Kristoff’s reindeer have the right expressions during Lost in the Woods? It’s all covered in Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2!

But one of the strangest things about the documentary is seeing early versions of scenes we now know so well. There are so many changes that take place along the way, and we see voice artists, concept artists… everyone, as they create magical moments and delete a frightening amount of scrapped work.

Even Disney Icons Have Bad Days


It’s not all magic and sparkle behind the doors.

We watch as Sterling K. Brown loses his only song after an early test screening, and songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Some of the show’s biggest surprises are the scenes that the team were still battling with right up to the last minute. Like a lot of fans, I can’t imagine the film without them – so it’s fascinating to watch the writers and producer

And the Disney Plus series even takes us beyond the studio as we find out about the Frozen 2 team’s own struggles – and how they found inspiration for the characters’ struggles through them. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee share their family lives towards the end of the series, as does Kristen Bell.



Look out for funny little secrets around the animation building. Can you spot the Wandering Oaken sign, Olafs ideas board and cushions every Frozen fan will want?


We like: We don’t like:
Watching characters come alive and seeing the alternatives Does it take away from the magic?
Seeing the creative process in action through the animators and voice artists Hearing the best lines read differently – it’s hard to imagine them any other way
Getting to know the names behind the credits Feeling bad for those lost songs (and those exhausted animators)
We learn that even Disney icons face real life problems Facing up to the realities of those dream jobs
  Envying the fabulous cosplays and merchandise – this could be expensive!

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