Post-COVID test: new experience at the Lucky Nugget

Since its reopening, Disneyland Paris offers a brand new experience at the Lucky Nugget Saloon!
During dinner, you will have the chance to watch a little show of about ten minutes. The owner of the saloon accompanied by Dingo and Minnie will ask you musical riddles on great Disney classics.

Any changes to the menu?

In terms of menu, it is now a set menu at 49 € for adults and 39 € for children.

The adult menu is composed of:

  • a starter (salad of red beans, tomatoes, onions, avocado, peppers, coriander and tortilla chips).
Entrée du Lucky Nugget Saloon
Starter at the Lucky Nugget Saloon


  • a main dish consisting of a smoked chicken leg, a pork spare rib with barbecue sauce and a grilled pork sausage, accompanied by potatoes, grilled corn and cornbread.
Plat du Lucky Nugget Saloon
Main at the Lucky Nugget Saloon
  • a dessert: vanilla-flavoured ice cream, brownie with walnuts and chocolate-hazelnut sauce
Dessert du Lucky Nugget Saloon
Dessert at the Lucky Nugget Saloon

There is also a vegetarian alternative for the main dish, which consists of a vegan chilli, potatoes, toasted corn and cornbread.

The children’s menu is composed of:

  • a starter: crunchy salad, tomatoes, avocado, corn and tortilla chips
  • a main dish: cheeseburger and potatoes
  • a dessert: vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce

The experience is really nice and the meal plentiful.

What about the show in all this?

On the show side, it’s quite short but it’s still nice to watch!

Fancy a little taster?

My opinion in short


We like We don’t like
The little show with Minnie and Dingo during the meal
The show is really short
The meal is very copious, impossible to leave and still feel hungry. In addition, it is a composition that generally pleases everyone. The menu is set, you can’t make a choice and in terms of price, 49 € is a bit expensive.
The setting is very immersive, you really feel like you’re in a saloon
Resonance can make hearing the show difficult

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