Post-COVID test: Victoria’s home style restaurant

When we talk about Disneyland Paris, we think above all of attractions and parades.

But Europe’s biggest destination is also a place with dozens of restaurants, fast food and other kiosks. Yes, you have to refuel between two rides!

Entrance of Victoria’s Home Style restaurant

Among them, if there’s one that stands out this summer, it’s Victoria’s home style restaurant! 


A milkshake, obviously!

If you like thick homemade milkshakes it’s this way!

Served on an adorable Victorian-style terrace overlooking the castle, as tasty as beautiful, they will leave no one indifferent. Among the classics on the menu every summer, you’ll find the Mickey’s Cocoa Milkshake, Minnie’s Strawberry, Olaf’s Banana Olaf and the unmissable Chip and Dale (Tic et Tac) with Nutella!

A real treat! Count 11 € for a milkshake. 

victoria's home style
Milkshakes at Victoria’s home style

If you come during a particular season, you may have the chance to enjoy a special edition! Last year, for example, during the Lion King and Jungle Festival, it was the Simba vanilla and praline milkshake with Lion cereal chips! To make you roar with pleasure!!

victoria's home style
Special Milkshake «Lion King and Jungle Festival»

And what else?

And if you’re not into milkshake, no worries!

You can then enjoy the homemade iced tea at 5.10 €, perfect to cool yourself down after a long walk in the park! And of course you will find a classic selection of soft drinks such as Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Fanta, beer etc.

To accompany all this, Victoria’s home style restaurant offers a plate of mini sweet treats. But beware, not just any sweets! Small fresh fruit or chocolate tarts, mini mille-feuilles and lemon tarts in the shape of our favourite mouse are so cute that it would be impossible not to take a picture of them before tasting them! You can take a plate of 3 or 5, respectively at 6 € or 8 €, to enjoy alone or to share with your friends and family 😛 


We like We don’t like
The very pleasant setting with a view of the castle Having to wait to get a table even on days of low affluence without being able to book
Carefully homemade milkshakes Price a little above average
The selection of mini sweet treats enabling you to taste everything  The famous Mickey Mouse waffles that are only served in winter.

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