• 3 June 2020

TEST | STAR TOURS the adventures continue

Star Tours at Disneyland Paris

The Star Tours attraction, located in Discoveryland, opened at the same time as the park in 1992. As its name suggests, the attraction takes us into the world of Star Wars and will delight young and old alike in search of thrills (provided you are at least 1.02m tall).

As soon as we arrive in the queue of Star Tours, we are immediately immersed in the universe of Star Wars. The sound theme is very present, and the materials used are futuristic. As we advance in the queue, we first pass in front of a large departure board with the most famous planets of the starwars universe. Then we come face to face with a large ship (the starspeeder 1000), C3-PO and his trusty sidekick R2-D2, two droids from the movies. Finally, we pass a final Droid scanning the luggage of other travelers.

Star Tours at Disneyland Paris

The attraction consists of 6 starpeeders with a capacity of 40 people each. Each ship is actually a 4D flight simulator. When we enter the ship, we are asked to put on our 4d glasses, which have been given to us by the hostess, and fasten our seatbelts, because it’s going to be a real thrill! We meet our friend C3-PO at the controls of the starspeeder and the 4min30 start!

The advantage of this attraction is that it will be rare to do it twice with the same scenario. Indeed, it has a capital of 525 different combinations of projections!

My review:

Queue: This one seems less long thanks to its good thematization but can still sometimes exceed the waiting time depending on the crowds in the park. As with many attractions, choose the moment just after the parade when it is possible to do the attraction in only 15 minutes. Please note that Fastpass are available for this attraction.

Theme: The thematization is very good. Nothing is put there at random we are really plunged in the universe of Star Wars. Fans of the film as well as novices will love the sets present throughout the attraction. The film projected during the flight will please young and old alike with always a touch of humor.

Sensations: The sensations are there. We are well immersed in the film and shaken in all directions. We understand the importance of the belts. Having said that, I advise you to not take part in this adventure if you get seasick or motion sickness. Indeed, the effect of the 3d film and the sudden movements of the attraction will not suit you.

Conclusion: The attraction will delight most of us, fans will quickly find themselves in the sets, the movies and even the hidden elements throughout the attraction while neophytes will be amazed by the sets of the attraction. The moderate sensations will suit the youngest and the oldest. Star Tours remains a must at Disneyland Paris.

The pros of the attraction :

The cons of the attraction :

  • Good thematization
  • waiting line sometimes long (+ 50 min)
  • Guaranteed thrills
  • May cause nausea (seasick/motion sickness)
  • Little hidden details for fans of the saga
  • Neat queue
  • Random films


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