• 4 July 2020

The Ambassadors visit Disneyland Paris!

Joana and Giona, our Ambassadors for Disneyland Paris, took the opportunity to visit the park before its upcoming reopening.

Like any normal guest, their first sight of the park was the Fantasia Gardens, where they met the horticultural team, working hard to preserve the splendour of the place!

Then, after passing through the turnstiles (without forgetting in passing to play customer and merchant 😊) our 2 Ambassadors were able to meet two members of the maintenance team who were busy working out the last details before the return of the visitors.

A little disoriented by the many days without visiting the Park, they then headed to Thunder Messa where the Ravenswood’s home seems very quiet for the moment!

A short distance away, the representatives of the French destination were once again able to marvel at the wild charms of Adventureland and the tropical scenery of Pirates of the Caribbean.

No sooner had they enjoyed their walk than they had to return to Central Plaza without forgetting to pass by the Wishing Well to wish to make more and more children dream, but also adults from July 15th.

After a quick detour through Walt Disney Studios Park, the Disney Village opened its arms to them, World of Disney (Joana’s former assignment) and the Wild West Show are still very present so that we can enjoy a little break in a busy day.

Once full up at Anette’s Diner, it was not with this beautiful American that they were able to go and check on the progress of the future Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, but on foot, walking past the always splendid Disney Lake.

We would like to thank Joana and Giona for having allowed us to experience this visit of the park by proxy, and to all the Cast Members who have always been so involved in taking care of our favourite destination during these long months of closure!



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