• 29 May 2020

The Mandalorian, the series to follow on Disney+

Mando and his starship on a planet with an orange background

Available since April 7, 2020 on the streaming platform Disney+, The Mandalorian, series created by Jon Favreau (Avengers, Iron Man, The Lion King) takes us to the Tatooine planet to follow in the adventure of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin alias Mando.  The story takes place 5 years after episode VI: The Return of the Jedi (in line with the original trilogy) between the end of the Empire and the establishment of the First Order.


timeline of the starwars universe

This serie is well in line with the original Star Wars trilogy. This spin-off is shot in similar scenery and with identical camera settings. Mando’s armor reminds us of Boba Fett, a faithful clone of Jango Fett. Indeed, Jango and Mando are both from the Mandalorian army, an army reputed to be ‘the best super’ commandos in the galaxy.

The biggest surprise of this series is to see appear a baby Yoda alias The Child. But is it really baby Yoda or just a baby of the same species? Nobody knows that yet. What we already know is that two more seasons are confirmed by the creators.


Scenario :
The story is well written, it allows to bring a good lot of intrigue to make a long series. The Star Wars universe is well represented and a lot of winks are made to fans. The fights will plunge you into an intergalactic western and keep you on your toes.

Sets :
The sets are grandiose and for a series, it is worthy of a film! In particular one can see the landscape of Tatooine (which will delight the greatest fans of the saga) with its orange land. Nothing wrong with the scenery, it is the great Jon Favreau style as usual.

Soundtrack :
We are in the Star Wars universe: sounds and music do not distance us from the saga

Characters :
The acting is very good in this series: Pedro Pascal who plays Mando plays the role of a Mandalorian: cold, distant but still having an awareness of his actions.

Conclusion :
A series to see absolutely on Disney+, whether you are a fan or you have never seen a single Star Wars movie. It is worthy of the cinema by its acting and its sets. We just regret the shortness of the episodes: 30 minutes average for 8 episodes of the season, we are left unsatisfied and we want more! But don’t worry, season 2 and 3 are confirmed!



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