• 4 July 2020

Tuto: Minnie Mouse nails for beginners

When I go to Disneyland Paris I always like doing my nails with a Disney theme, it just adds to the fun. I don’t always want to go to a salon to have my nails done so I have a few easy designs I can do myself at home and I’d love to share with you. Today we’re going to do an easy Minnie Mouse theme.


For this design I use : 1 x bold pink nail polish (you can also use bright red), 1 x white nail polish, 1 x glitter nail polish, a dotting tool. Dotting tools are easy to come by and are rather cheap if you decide to buy but if you don’t have a dotting tool at home, you can use the tip of a metallic hair slide (hair grip) with a round end or any other metallic object that has a small, round ending.

Start on your nails by cutting or filing them all to a similar length and shape so your design looks more homogeneous. As with any manicure it is best to start with a base coat that will protect the nails and also ensure that your polish stays on for longer.

We’ll be doing one hand at a time to make the handling of tools easier and avoid smudges. Start by painting 4 out of 5 nails with the bold colour (in my case pink), leaving the ring finger bare. If you don’t have any glitter polish you can also paint the ring finger and repeat the design of the index finger on the ring finger. I usually apply 2 coats. Make sure the polish is completely dry before you move on to the rest of the design.

We’ll now do one nail at a time.

Thumb: For my thumb I chose to make a bow. To do this, I start by putting some white nail polish on a rigid card with the polish brush (just let a few drops drip onto the card). I will use this polish to dip by dotting tool.

To make the bow, I start by making a large dot in the centre of the nail with my dotting tool after dipping it into the white polish. I then add 2 smaller dots on each side of the top of the large dot, and 2 on each side of the bottom of the large dot. That’s the thumb done. Dots will have different sizes depending on the size of your dotting tool and the pressure you apply so try to keep a steady hand so it all looks consistent.

Index finger: For my index finger, I want to have a dot pattern that reminds of Minnie’s dress. I start by putting a small white dot at the base of the nail, in the middle, with my dotting tool that I dipped in the white polish. Then I trace an imaginary line and I place another dot at the end of that line by the end of the nail, still in the middle. I then fill the imaginary line with one or two dots, depending on how much space is left. That’s your middle row of dots done. Then repeat the process on each side of your central row by mirroring the dots. Depending on the length of your nails, you will have 3, 4 or 5 dots from the base to the end of your nail.

Middle finger: To keep things simple I have chosen to keep this nail just bold pink.

Ring finger: This will be my glittery nail. I use several layers of glittery polish for a solid glitter finish. Alternatively you can repeat the dot pattern from the index finger.

Little finger: I chose to add a tiny nod to Mickey Mouse to finish off the design with a small Mickey head shape at the end of the nail. I start by making a small dot with my dotting tool dipped into the white polish and then I add the ears with 2 smaller dots appropriately placed.

Apply a transparent top coat and leave to dry.

Now repeat the same on the other hand and you have your home-made Minnie Mouse nails!



New joiner to the ED92 team I am very excited to be able to contribute to this amazing platform of info about Disneyland Paris. French mum of 2 living in the U.K., I discovered DLP as a child, and I am now rediscovering it through my children’s eyes. We love meeting and interacting with characters just as much as doing rides, and every trip is a new adventure. We are big fans and try to go twice a year. I joined the team because I wanted to share my experience and help overseas visitors make the most of their holiday at DLP and experience the true Disney magic.

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